Monday, August 25, 2008

How Could Something So Cute..........

Be so mean? What I have learned about Mina since she has come to live with us. I've come to call her Mean Meenie!
She is definitely Mama's girl. I have more control over her than Steve, but not much. She can jump. She can jump onto the pool table. She can jump onto the kitchen counters! While I was at work this weekend, Mina jumped onto the counter after Steve had made himself a tomatoes and toast dinner and just turned to start his tea kettle and she was up there stealing his meal in seconds flat. I actually found this to be quite hilarious! He did not.
She tries to engage the horses at play by bringing her tennis ball to them and waiting for them to come towards it and then snatching it up at the last minute and doing it all over again. I have to get video of this! It's pretty funny!
She picks on certain kitties and it turns ugly very quickly. I did buy a shock collar for this behavior, however, haven't used it yet. I am able to supervise her and tell her "No" when she approaches a cat and she listens. It's when she sneaks towards a kitty and I don't catch her that it very quickly gets ugly and intervention is absolute or there may be an injured kitty.
She chews, so when we go out she must be crated. Also because of the kitties. On a good note, she is very good about the crate and sits quietly. She's very mouthy.
She is not noisy until the others bark and she is just starting to talk to me. She plays rough when she wants to go out to potty. Her way of getting my attention.
She stays by my side for the most part 24/7 including sleeping with me all day when I have to work. She is Mama's girlie! My cuddle pooch!
She loves tennis balls, the more the better! She doesn't care much for a squeaky toy, just tennis balls. And she is a digger! Loves to play in the sand and dig! She'll dig to China if I let her!
All and all a good dog and with the consistency in training I'll give her, she will be an even better dog. May even take to the fair with us. Of course, then I'll have to bring poop baggies, so maybe not.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure she will be fine with more training. As for the option of bringing her and her poop bags to the fair. I'm afraid she would lose around here, that's no way to enjoy a fair.

Poor Steve and his dinner, I'll bet he wanted to kill her. My daughter has a dog who used to live here and she and my lab one time devoured an entire chocolate cake off the counter that was just frosted. I wasn't too happy about that but on the plus side I guess they saved me the extra calories to my hips.

Callie said...

OMG! Arlene, I laughed so hard when he told me! He tried to hide her tennis balls on the counter and she was up there in a flash trying to dig them out from behind the toaster! LOL

Train Wreck said...

Oh friend I have been in your boots! I feel your pain! It is a good thing they are so dang cute!! I had a JRT that would jump on the counters and in the window! She had a bad case of seperation anxiety! My "Diesel" isn't a counter jumper, but he is my constant shadow! He is sleeping behind me in my chair as I type!

Callie said...

TW, I can sort of understand a Jack Russel. Afterall, they're always being shown jumping to the moon, LOL, But the Meanster weighs 40 pounds! I'm astouded that she can do it! LOL

kdwhorses said...

Does she need to have more exercise, something to do? My Aussie is great, but I have to make sure she gets enough exercise, run her down some! I truly think it is there breed, they are breed to work and can get bored very easily. Maybe she got more of that gene than she needed! LOL!

Fully~love it! Girl, I visited that site and that just p*sses me off that people think they can bash others like that! There is enough hate in the world, why would you go out and start a blog to spread more??

I know I love all the bloggers I have made in bloggerville! Such a great horsey loving group!

Girl keep up the great posts!

Callie said...

LOL, KDW, We go out with the dogs every hour to two hours and throw the balls and rough house and play and potty! I think she's still a pup! Yeah I saw those cows go after you in the comments long after that initial post and that's partially what prompted me to make the post.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I wonder that very same thing about Limo! Evil comes in smaller packages I have learned :-p

Callie said...

I have to agree with you on that, Denise! A small evil package..LOL!