Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today Was Bath Day!

After reading over at Nuzzling Muzzles , Our friend gave her three Arabians a bath, I thought, "I really need to do that." It's been over a month and it's about time. Besides, it's a good way to bond some more and Misty loves a bath. Kola will learn to love a bath.

So I gathered up the supplies and went out at 4pm, as the sun was beginning to retreat a bit. My trusty cooking spray for mane tangles, citronella shine shampoo, shiny spray, sponges, mane and tail comb, and bucket and hose.

After their baths, I discovered Misty has dapples. I bathed Kola first, and every time, I cleaned Kola's white, nearly impossible, Miss Misty stuck a dusty, dirt nose print on her. She was jealous and thought Kola wasn't as appreciative of the bath as she herself would be.

Kola ended up with a braided mane. I may braid Misty's mane tomorrow. Hope it lasts. Braided it's less likely to tangle and pick up burrs or weeds. Kola grew impatient through the braiding process, so they are a bit spaced out. They are both so soft now. I'm sure Misty is out there rolling in the dirt now!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The girls look gorgeous. I'm glad I inspired you to break out the sponge and bucket.

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Hello ! It's nice your mares love the bath. At the club, after the lesson, we pour water on the legs if the weather is warm or on the whole horse body when it is hot. Sometimes, we put shampoo against the flies too.
Last time, I looked at your ads and I discover an ad for a horse breeding which is at around 30 miles from here. I did not know I would have to visit an American blog to find an ad for a French breeding. It's a Lusitanian breeding. I suppose they sell horses all over the world.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The girls look great. I've been meaning to give the herd real baths instead of rinse offs, but haven't had the time yet. Hope I get to it soon, I always like to bathe them once before winter. You're really busy this week. Have you found the chipmunk yet?

Callie said...

Thanks, NuzMuz, You did inspire me and I'm glad that you did. The girls appreciated the bonding time and so did I!

le cheval,They were both good about the sponge and soap and loved it, I'm sure the breeding farm probably does sell to the US.

Arlene, Thanks, It was real rewarding to get out there and do it. Find the time, it'll feel good, and no I did not find the rascally chipmunk! I'm pissed at Smudge!

Shirley said...

I have heard that dappling is a sign of good health, and your girls do look good. I like to bathe my horses; Gussie loves it, but Coyote Belle is not so sure. Peppy does well, he's had 3 baths so far. I've been neglecting Sassy;and she really needs one!

Callie said...

Shirley, I was once told that as well, and thanks, I think they were happy to have the bath! Wow, the colt does well, nice job with him!