Monday, September 1, 2008

My Tack Room

Oh, months back, everyone had posted about their tack room. So I have finally gotten to mine. Although I have tack all over the house, the majority of it is stored here, in the corner of the first floor apartment that the kids use when visiting us.

And of course essentials in the hay storage shed. Extra halters and leads, bath and grooming tools, and supplements as well as grain. And emergency horse medical kit, kept in a bucket topped with a clean small rubber feeder to use for soaks if necessary.


Strawberry Lane said...

Ok, it's official. I've got to clean my tack room! Yours sure looks great!

Sorry I haven't been around. My computer won't let me access my friend's website (get "cannot access page"), so I'm completely frustrated and out of touch.

I reached you by clicking on your comment at Victoria's page via a comment she left on my site. Confused, yet?

If you have time, I'd greatly appreciate your suggestions regarding a post I just put up this morning about a starving horse in my area.

I'm so stressed and am trying to reach as many people as possible (in this round about way) to get suggestions.

Thanks, Marvel

Callie said...

Thanks Marvel, I'll pop over and give a suggestion if there is one. Yikes! People are evil!

kdwhorses said...

Very neat and organized~! We are in the middle of getting tack out of our horse trailer and trying to purchase a building to make the tack room and storage. So I have bridles, reins, etc hanging right inside our doorway and we are looking at a saddle rack to put in the computer room to hold the saddles. Then I have a corner that has my groom bucket, lunge whip, numerous other horsey things. Oh heck, pretty much tack is everywhere at our house!

Bath day, what fun! I need to do ours again!

That draft is tall!

Callie said...

KDW, I actually have a coat rack upstairs and I have leads and bridles hanging on that as well!LOL

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well color me impressed, you have a very organized tack room. It would take me hours to get ours in shape. I seem to be neat but there are others, who shall remain nameless(daughter) who is not as neat as could be, so at times we're pretty messy and disorganized.

Callie said...

Arlene, I'm sure I don't have the magnatude of tack you guys do, LOL, I have only two horses to keep tack for and I'm just riding at leasure here once in a great while. So it's relatively easy to keep clean. And I'll bet it's a nice tack room too! :)

simplyeuphoric said...

your tack room is beautiful. :)

Train Wreck said...

Nice! Our tack room was just built. Prior to that, it was the horse trailer!