Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Busy Day

Even the clouds look cold!

We fired up the Pellet Burner today after a quick trip to the hardware store for gel fuel. It's now toasty warm in here.

Queen of the castle. So much for a game of billiards!

My hay is here and stacked. This should last me a couple of months. A nice grassy mix for the girls and some straight alfalfa for the goat boys.

Well? Are you ready to feed us? You can see a nice burr free and tangle free tail on the back end of Miss Misty.

All troughs are now bleached and clean with now I find out a non-functioning heater. You can see the clouds reflection in it. Guess what we need to buy tomorrow.

Silly happy goats. Their trough is sparkling clean today as well. Of course they all had a tromp on my back and have a taste of my hair as I cleaned their water bucket today.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LOL about appy dog on the pool table, that is something Limo would do! Your goats make me miss the ones we used to have!

Vaquerogirl said...

Thanks for your comments on my pages. I just added the Flys thing as a gadget- no comment. I guess I should have done it as a blog- but it is pretty basic stuff I guess. I hate flys!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you're starting to buckle down for the big chill. I guess it's colder by you than here in the east, although I did have to put the heat on last night to get the chill out of the house.Love a clean water trough, especially when it's reflecting the sky.

Tracey said...

I want a wood burning stove in the worst way and am jealous of the pellet stove you've got there. I'm also jealous that you've got Steve, because the City Boy would never tolerate a poochie on the pool table! (For that matter, I'm jealous of the pool table as well. Green eyed monster must have me today!)

Callie said...

Denise, That is actually a good photo of the goat boys. Usually they're acting like fools!

Vaquerogirl, I hate flies too and this is the time of the year they find their way indoors!

Arlene, Tonight will be our first real frost night and my danged roses are still blooming!

Tracey, I'm about to make you a bit greener, Steve and I decided to get another stove for the other end of the house. Out of necessity. Can't keep paying these horrible heating bills! The pool table was a gift for the big kids to give them something to do when they visit. Only a cheapy Walmart one. Thank God for that with a silly dog that roosts on it!

kdwhorses said...

Cool stove, I'm sure you all will enjoy it very much! Can't believe you are already using it! It's still 80-90 degrees here!

Goats are too cute!

And the dog on the table! LOL!

Callie said...

KDW, We are ready to get a second one! It's really starting to get chilly here!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great pics! YOur goats are so adorable. What kind are they?

We are planning on breeding our mini-mancha this Fall to try our hands at milking next Spring.
We also have nigerians, a boer, and an angora. Goats are fun and silly aren't they?
Do you end up with goatie trimmed hair like I do, too? haha

I want to ask you what type of pellet stove is that. It's very cute and looks quite efficient.

How does it operate and why do you need gel fuel instead of pellets?

We live in the mountains and this crazy house only came with a propane fireplace (crazy, eh?).
Last year our propane bill was $1600!!
We just cannot do that again this year.
We were thinking of buying a wood stove, but that seems to need more pipe work and higher installation costs.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did is cost for your pellet stove and it's installation?

We need to get moving on this pretty fast, too. The temps have been dipping into the 40's at night.
Last year we got snow at the end of October.

Keep warm!


Callie said...

Lisa, My goats are Pigmies, well at least the two that are smiling are and the one in the background showing us his bottom is a Pigmy/Nubian cross, but they're boys and just for fun and they are fun!
The pellet stove burns wood pellets, corn or cherry pits, We burn wood pellets and the gel fuel is only to get it started. Just a dab on the pellets in the area it burns and a light with a match or lighter and we keep it running non stop on low. Think of the gel fuel like lighter fluid. The cost with installation was $3,000 and a ton of pellets came with it. We go through a bag every two days. It's about 95% efficiancy. We actual are going to get another one for the other end of the house and have the furnace thermostat moved to the basement floor.

Callie said...

Oh And it's a Cumberland Pellet burning stove. I think one of the best on the market. Do NOT get a Quadrafire. We had one of those and it failed miserably and by experience don't get a self starting one, more things to go wrong. We have a manual start, hence the gel fuel.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thank you Callie!!

I appreciate you answering my questions and not thinking of me as too annoying or nosy :)

We need to get started on this right away. Last night terrible winds came in followed by rain for over 12 hours. And today it feels like snow is not far behind.
It's been low 40's all morning and afternoon. BRrr!
I'm so not ready for winter. Summer wasn't here long enough :(

Thanks again,