Saturday, October 4, 2008

Frost! Cold!

As you can see we've had our first decent frost of the season!

It got as low as 28*F last night!

No wonder they were anxious for breakfast this morning!

Smudge was patrolling the beams last night. All of the kitties have had a turn on the beams recently.

It's only fitting that Zeke would be parked next to the Italian dipping oils. He loves Italian food and even tries to eat my spaghetti while I'm still working on it. I should have named him Guido!

I battled with my damned washer half the night. It kept singing to me that it was off balance. I think I went up and down those stairs at least twenty times for that damned thing. I finally gave up and gave one more try after rearranging towels and said "screw it, I'm going to bed!" And sure enough it finished without another beep!


Andrea said...

Yikes it's that cold up there all ready? Oh my, it's 80 degrees here today. It was 75 by 9 am. Brrrr!! Those pictures make me shiver. ANd my son loves your Jag!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Nothing more annoying than an unbalanced load. I think your 'Guido' cat is a riot. Have you ever had a cat fall off one of those beams? They look like a circus high wire act. We got pretty cold here last night too. Hope it doesn't stick, it's too early to be getting so cold.

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

The frost comes soon. Here we have at least 6°C(around 43°F) at night.
We'll have to keep some plants inside soon.
At night, we light the chimney.
Have a nice week-end

Callie said...

Yep, Andrea, It's gettin' cold. The jag really needs a bath! I love my jag too, especially the ass warmers! LOL

Arlene, Actually most of the cats have taken a tumble off the beam, which wasn't so bad when I had carpet on the floor, but now it's wood lamenate and I worry!

Le Cheval, It sounds like our weather patterns are simular. You keep warm too!

Victoria Cummings said...

Say it isn't so! Frost already and the girls don't even have their winter coats. What's going on with this weather? I have a feeling it's going to be a long cold winter - just locked my heating oil price at double what it was last year so your pellet stove looks very interesting. We've got a regular fireplace and it will be burning a lot more than it did last winter.

The People History said...

Grey Horse Matters

Callie and I just accept that the cats go up there but if our little blind lilliput ( Not really little rather fat ) gets on the beams we panic and clamber on the beams ourselves trying to get her back to safety.

Anybody who visits must think we have loads of little grand children around the place because of all the safety gates but they are just to protect lilly and she still gets into trouble

Janet Roper said...

I broke down and turned the heat on to take the chill out of the house. Turned it on 10/1, and it's still on. Also saw the 1st snow plow of the season the other day. I think a MN winter is just around the corner.

OneCowgirl said...

Frost means no more flies!!