Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Another Thursday

Coming home......Yep, That's our house just to the right of middle beyond my fence line.

Our only Maple tree making a feeble attempt at fall color.

And yes, It's lunch time and they are eating again. Fresh mineral and salt licks. Funny...everyday I find the licks moved to various different areas, sometimes out of the shelter and what seems miles away from where they started.

Pumba lounging on an upside down feeder in the warm sun.

I found it in our yard, but it didn't come from ours. Pretty anyway.

Please play with me, here's my de-faced bear. Just toss it.

Well? Where's the tennis ball?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice house and nice pictures. Maybe they're playing soccer or football with the licks.

Train Wreck said...

Welcome home! I love Maple trees, I don't think we have any here where I live? Never seen them? We have Aspens, they turn pretty colors in the fall.

Callie said...

Thanks, Arlene, They must be doing something, the straight salt lick they're actually licking, but the mineral one is just being moved about!

Thanks. TW, We were just out running errands, but it's always good t be home,No Maples? There are so many different vareties of maples here!

Trailboss said...

Aren't dogs just the greatest thing?

Andrea said...

What pretty fall colors! We dont' get much of a fall here! And i love your spotted dog!! Such a cutie!!

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

The Maple trees have wonderful colours in autumn. Here we have the Maple tree of Montpellier.
It has beautiful little red leaves now.
May be once you'll find your horses playing soccer with the licks... Which one will you support ?

kdwhorses said...

Love the pics and the colors!

I put our salt licks in a feeding pan and they seem to leave it alone! I tried the loose salt one time, oh my! Not good! I put some in a old syrup bucket, they tried to knock it over and strew it everywhere! Silly horses!

You didn't scare me off! You were brave to post a pic! I wouldn't want to do that! I go out to feed in everything from a gown to full blown sweats! I'm very attractive I'm sure! You know the horses have never once filled a complaint though! He he he!

Tracey said...

Our maples waited a while this year to start turning. Normally I see color as early as late July, but right now is when things are really beginning to turn.

I love your leaf pic!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a fun mix of photos. Your maple tree is going to ablaze with color before too long. I hope you will post it's picture again when it does. I know it will be gorgeous!
We seem to only have trees that turn yellow around here, like aspens and cottonwoods, and river birch and elms.
Your place looks so beautiful, too.

I'm laughing about the salt/mineral licks. What do they do, play licky ball? lol!

My painted girl is an oddball. She won't lick on of those things, so I have to get her salt and minerals to her in loose form with her vitamins. I thought all horses loved to lick those blocks. My horse has some weird quirks, eh?


Callie said...

Trailboss, Yes they are!

Le Cheval, you'll have to get a pic up of it!

Andrea, As much as I love where you live, I would miss my fall colors.

KDW, One is in a lick pan, they just move that around! LOL

Tracey, July? Yikes, I would find that depressing! LOL

Lisa, My girls are constantly dieting and I think they lick just out of boredom and I have to find the hard licks, the others they eat up in two days, silly things!