Sunday, October 19, 2008

Registration Applications

It's that time of year. I have to get babies registered before they hit 6 months and send in breeders reports. The breeder reports will be easy this year. I did not breed anything to Spider, 1 mare to Gerald's stud, Cats Dunn It and 3 mares to my friend Sue's stud Skyco. Between the 3 of us we don't have a whole lot of babies coming next year. This is Gerald and my palomino. I still have not figured out a name for her, barn or registered. She has a real calm disposition. It is really strange that the 2 babies out of the same stallion hang out together. The three came from the same breeder. The red dun that we named Robin hangs with a bay stud colt that came from a different breeder. Cricket is the leader of this young herd. She is yearling so I guess that would make her the perfect candidate. I noticed in past weanlings that the related babies preferred each others company. I don't know if it is because they have similar dispositions or maybe a smell that is familiar to them. My friend Sue had 3 babies one year out of the same mare. She carried one and recip mares carried the other 2. We would go into the pasture and all 3 babies would be by Star. People should pay more attention to genetics. I always tell Gerald you can't fight with genetics, they are going to be what they are. We had 3 stud colts last year all handled the same and the 2 out of Docs Oak mares are quite and don't act like studs. The other colt is going to get gelded next week because he is just to hard to handle. These colts ran together until after they were broke, so they were socialized and not cut off from a herd because they were studs. I think people should pay a little more attention to what kind of disposition they want. It really does make a big difference when it is time to train them. I would rather enjoy one then fight with one.

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I completely agree with you on the genetics thing. I am such a firm believer in "you better like the mare". I know the stud can certainly improve the disposition, but strange quirks come from those momma's-LOL.

I know my old mare's quirks and every single one of her get have the same quirks..some learned from her and some genetic.

Most of our horses are by the same stud, so all being half brother sisters you run into the little traits in each of them. Oddly enough, the full brother/sisters will hang together when they can.