Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Damned Snow!

Poor girls. I've sequestered them to strictly in the paddock in hopes it forces them to use their shelter more as it snows more and another winter storm warning again tomorrow!

Pitiful looking aren't they.

These two are having a blast in the snow. Poor Mina can barely make it through some of the drifts!

We sent Tom and Soph back on their way to home in England. Only we had to hire a limo to get them to OHare in Chicago as our Jag had to go into the shop today, my truck is "f'd" because I thought I could get it through a giant snow drift! I mean "f'd". I dread to think of what is now wrong with it, so it sits in the driveway like a dead red duck and the Focus isn't ideal in bad weather. Christmas is about here, it can stop snowing now! I'm good with what we have. Do you think the Heaven's will care about my opinion?


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope it stops snowing by you soon, ours ended yesterday. But we only got about a foot and a half, nothing as bad as you have. The dogs look like they're having fun, the girls look like they are not impressed by the weather. Hope there's not too much wrong with your truck. Stay warm.

Have a very Merry Christmas, at least you know Santa can make a smooth landing in his sleigh with all this snow.

cdncowgirl said...

I will trade you some of your snow for some of our waaaay below normal cold! Deal? lol

Do you think the truck might just need to be in a heated garage?
I hit the ditch with my mom's car as a teenager.
Well, to be honest I totally blew past the ditch and landed in a field. :o (black ice + snow storm + curve on highway)
A regular tow truck couldn't get it out so they had to get the big semi tow truck. The snow was packed solid around the engine and had turned to ice and froze. They thought the engine was F'd.
Turns out letting it thaw for a few days in a heated garage plus a good pressure wash and it was good as new... well at least as good as it had been before.

kdwhorses said...

They don't look real happy with being pinned up! They will be when the winter weather hits!

Cute dogs! Shelby so enjoyed the frozen ice. We are not having bad weather know, just scattered showers and in the mid 50s. Crazy weather! So it's nice and muddy here! Thank goodness for my Bogs!

Glad you all had a great visit, I was wondering where you were!


Kathy C said...

It just won't end!! More and more all the time. At least Zoe is home safe. Have a blessed holiday.

Callie said...

Arlene, We're looking at rain by Saturday, It's just aweful weather!

Cdn, Oh we had the frigid below O crap just a few days ago. I know what your saying! I'd rather have the snow than the windchills of -45!

Kdw,Looks we'll have the mud on Saturday with a warm-up and rain. Merry Christmas back at ya, Just been busy. We were up to four kids to entertain and now back down to one. Hoping things calm down a bit here soon.

Kathy, I hear you fellow Wisconsinite, I'm tired of it already!

Everyone, have a blessed Christmas and Holiday!

Donna said...

We even had snow here in Northern California last week. Its gone now but still wet and cold. I hope you can stay warm and dry through the holidays. Brandy is essential.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! You've got a lot o white stuff there. Poor Kola and Misty look sort of miffed about it, too.

We've got about 6" on the ground with more snow to come tomorrow.

I'm at the point that I don't care anymore if it snows and snows. I'm grounded now for several weeks and none too happy about it....

I hope your vehicle trouble isn't too serious an can be fixed quickly and not too expensively.

New Mexico

Country Girl said...

Oooh - I'm also up north and would rather have the snow than the cold. Mind you a break from both for a little while would be nice too. Sigh. Ain't winter and critters great?