Monday, January 19, 2009

Awards & New Fish

I received this Lemonade Award from Arlene at Grey Horse Matters . I believe this award is given for blogs that have or show a great attitude. Thank-you Arlene! I'm not sure I deserve it, but will graciously accept this award with humility. Arlene has given us many an informative post on confidence, which I need and many, many more. She and her daughter Jacquie have rescued two Arabians recently and just seem like knowledgeable and great horsewomen! Thanks girls! And I'm to pass this onto 10 more. So now I'll do just that!

First will to Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch , who continues to show great attitude in spite of her recent serious injury and surgery. Lisa, You surely deserve this.

Next, To my good friend Mrs.Mom at Oh Horse Feathers who is always happy to answer any of our lameness or hoof care questions and entertains us with her wacky red horse and pony visits! However, I see now that she has already received this award, but too bad she gets it again!

To our crazy can't help but like friend Mikey at The Horseshoeing Housewife , who saves everything including rattle snakes!

And to our friend Jamie, who continues to blog even though she recently lost her loving sister she so many times introduced us to at her blog Seatbelt For My Saddle. I'm sending you my heartfelt prayers, Jamie. I know what it is like to lose a sister.

And to one of my new friend's at C-ing Spots Appaloosas . Awesome photos, girl!

And this is where I'll end it, since most everyone has received this already and I'm a little late on the band wagon.

And now here are my new fish. Steve got me this little five gallon fish tank for Christmas and I had a plan. These little fish cost me a small fortune. They're six hot pink Danios. I really wanted a couple of neon green and bright blue ones as well, but the store only had them in hot pink. They come in neon colors, so cool!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks Callie, for the refreshingly sweet drink. Congrats on yours, too. You deserve it, my friend.

And congrats on your new brightly colored fishy friends, too. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

I couldn't think of a more deserving person for a great attitude award. Love your take on life in general.Some of your posts just make me laugh, especially, when you are really mad about something.

Anyway, those fish are really different. I've never seen neon fish. My mom always had a fish tank but we just had run of the mill fish. My uncle once had a pet store and I always thought the salt water fish were very colorful and pretty. Good luck with them.

Mrs Mom said...

NEat Fishes!!!!!! And thanx Callie. You are much, much too sweet ;)

kdwhorses said...

Congrats on your award, we love ya girl!

Great looking fish!

Le Cheval Endiablé et Phyto said...

Congratulations !

C-ingspots said...

Why thanks so much dahhlin'!! I was in need of a cool drink...I love fish tanks, but not so great about keeping them alive I'm afraid. They always got something dreadful called ick!! Sounds positively nasty doesn't it??
Have fun - fish are so very relaxing to watch.

Andrea said...

Congrats on your award!!

And Hot Pink fish!! Nice!! I too like the neon green ones! I hope you all are staying warm!

Callie said...

Thanks all, and I like to invite anyone who wants this award to please help yourselves. I just figured pretty much everyone has already received this award or I would have added more.

Jamie said...

Thank you.....I promise I am coming to claim my lemonade stand very very soon.

Thanks for the sweet words Callie.