Monday, January 19, 2009

Midwest Mustang Makeover 2009

Hi all ,

Young Tracy over at Mustang Diaries has started sending me links to include in our mustang makeover Lovers Guide for this years Midwest Mustang Makeover 2009( I have also included them in the Horse Lovers Guide ) as it is great fun for any horse lover to follow these blogs.
They appear to be very early in the process so follow along

If we have not included any please let me know At the horse lovers power guides and I will add them ,

One of the things Callie and I enjoyed last year was going to the Midwest Horse Show and meeting some of the Mustang Makover Trainers and watching the truly amazing things knowledge, patience horsemanship and maybe even a little luck can achieve in such a short time with a wild mustang.



Carroll Farm said...

Hi, just read your health care rant - we too are in the same boat. We do foster care, those kids are covered by the state - but my hubby and I are in collections CONSTANTLY for their health care not getting paid. Also- I teach so my health care is covered, but for my hubby and 2 girls I pay over $800 a month and the coverage is crapy. Because of the amount they pull out each check for health care, I bring home less that $700 dollars (try living on that) a check.

I feel your pain!!

C-ingspots said...

Our local equine expo is being combined with the Extreme Mustang Makeover this year in March. Hopefully we can go. Afterwards they will be auctioning off the trained mustangs. I know of one personally and he's coming along very well. He is a 3 yr gelding and is about 16.2 hh and they think he may have a little more growing to do. Apparently he has beautiful suspension and they think he would make a spectacular dressage prospect. The trainer is hoping someone interested in him will come get to know him before the auction. Maybe I'll go check him out - Lord knows I need another horse, like I need a hole in my head!!

cdncowgirl said...

I have a couple questions you may be able to help me with...
I keep hearing about these Mustang Makeovers, are they a regional thing? If so do they ever bring together the regional winners to face off?
Also how does one get their blog listed with the Power Guides?
thanks :)

Callie said...

CDN, I believe you apply to take the challenge and if approved, you are given a horse to gentle and train in 90 days, you do not have choice over the Mustang you get as far as I know, through the BLM. Then after 90 days, you and your Mustang are at the expo, they do these all over the states during certain periods of time, There is a ground course that the horse must do and a riding course and often a little freestyle. Then these horses are put up for auction the last day. The money goes to the BLM. Jump in here, Tracey, if I'm wrong. The better the training job, obviously the more money the horse makes in auction as well as often the trainers of these horses will bid on them as well.

Callie said...

It's a way to promote the Mustang and get them adopted out. I actually think it's a good thing. People are more likely to adopt something that has been gentled and somewhat trained than something that has just been captured.

Tracey said...

Young??? Oh, you are so my current crush, Steve!