Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Cranky Mares..............

Although they were fairly cooperative, the reason for the crabby horses was my feeble attempt at getting some pics of their hooves for Mrs.Mom at Oh Horse Feathers . I may try it again tomorrow.

Kola being most cooperative, however impatient with my attempt at cleaning and taking pictures with only two hands. Never goes as you plan it.

Misty being far more bent out of shape over the whole experience. Not that she is bad when she is trimmed or being picked, she does try everything she can to make the experience more difficult than it should be. She doesn't kick or move around, she positions herself as not to make it easy. Every time. You know, shifts her weight the wrong way. Pinches her legs together. Funny really, actually clever in that is her way of making us work.

As a result of this feeble effort, only one foot on the Misty mare, but at least Miss Kola allowed all of hers. I just couldn't photograph them all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

They can e pretty inventive getting out of things they don't want to do. Smart little buggers.

Callie said...

LOL, Arlene, Kola is an angel and is pretty good about it. Miss Misty is the clever one.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

haha! Those are some sour faces, for sure. Misty looks p*ssed! lol!

Good for you trying to be ambidextrous while trying to share some pics with your bloggy friends.

What we do for blogging, eh?
Now go give Kola and Misty some treats so they forgive you. tee hee.


cdncowgirl said...

Callie - left you something on my blog :)

kdwhorses said...

Oh goodness!
Well didn't you know you need at least 4 hands to try and accomplish that!?!?! He he he!

Andrea said...

I tried to take some pictures of our horse's hooves too!! It's interesting how you hold the camera and the hoof!! And those poor mares, they are just trying to stay warm with out having their hooves photographed. They like to have their faces photographed, not their hooves!! :)

Midlife Mom said...

Yes they make us work for it don't they? The leaning gets to me, I don't want to hold up a 1000 pound horse! (Big cow, stand up straight!) The ponies are good except they are so short I'm almost bent right in half and then Kipper likes to nibble on my be-hind! Bad habit! That's what I get for feeding them treats out of my hand all the time. Nibblers.

Jaleem said...

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Callie said...

Jaleem, Actually I puplished a post on this blog last year about what a great rescue MHWF are, however, I never heard word one back about it. I've been to the website dozens of times. I know what it is all about. Funny that now a vote is needed , I'm acknowledged. I will consider voting only because I like what is done there, however, people should pay attention sometimes. It might be helpful to your cause in the long run.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you're very talented holding up feet and taking I'd be dropping the camera followed by the horse stepping on it. There'd be no pics and my camera would be toast!

I've left you something at my blog as well.......a different something than cdncowgirl. Must be the season......

lytha said...

i don't know if you heard from mrs mom about these feet - if so, please post it so we can learn from your photos!

i'm new to trimming, but here are my impressions:

first of all, those are such high quality pics - it makes it easier to see everything - if you click the photos, you get a super enlarged view that shows everything perfectly clear.

my first impression is rounder feet i've never seen. round is good. my second impression was healthy frogs. you must have some nice footing to keep the frogs so robust.

the bars look long to me, compare to mrs mom's photo recently of an overlaid bar.

the soles could have more concavity but i don't know what causes concavity.

odd edge on both feet - what tool did that? i've never seen wall edges trimmed like that and i'm very curious - is that what nippers do? (i don't use nippers cuz i don't have any, so i just rasp every week or two so nippers aren't needed.)

great photos, thanks for sharing. i hope you get lots of feedback. i know that photographing is hard, i usually make the mistake of doing it in a dim stall. i'll follow your lead and get the horse outside for photos.

~lytha in germany

Callie said...

Lytha, It is the work of my farrier and I don't shoe my girls, and yes he uses nippers and sometimes a rasp.