Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow Snow Go Away

As I get ready for feeding the horses and taking the dogs out I keep thinking of a childhood ryme but for the life life of me I can not remember the whole thing .

I think it went like this
Rain Rain Go away come again another day

But that was for England

Here In Wisconsin It Is

Snow Snow Go Away Come Again Next Year

We have a foot of snow or so still on the ground , I can not get into the goats pen, gates are frozen with snow so am forced to throw the boys feed over the fence.

I love the look of fresh snow on the trees or the look of fresh snow on the ground but I am fed up with it tooooo loooong tooooo much

The temperature is once again a whopping 5 degrees this morning and you can see the icicles on the girls whiskers, of course Callie and I compensate by giving them extra munchies but what they do not realise is when spring comes they will be very pi???? at us as we have to put them on a strict diet , saying they are overweight is putting it mildly. Misty is like a short fat barrel and a few hundred pounds overweight

So all you lucky people in warmer southern areas i say to you POOOOOOOO POOOOOOO and lots of it. Send the warm spring our way PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE

Have a great day



Mrs Mom said...

Awwww... I'm sorry guys!!! But the doors are always open down here, where it will be in the 60's today, to come for a break from the white sh*t!

Robins are all over my front lawn. Every time I try to take a pic, they fly off.....



Le Cheval Endiablé et Phyto said...

Hope the weather will hear your song.
We dream of the spring.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with you Steve! Every time I see one of the warm southern bloggers post temperatures I am sooooo jealous I can hardly stand it.

I wear so many layers of clothes to the barn I not only look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy, I can hardly move!

The People History said...

Rising Rainbow you gave me such a smile as sometimes when it is super cold and Callie goes to feed the girls with umpteen layers on I smile and now I will smile even more thinking of the Pilsbury Dough Boy . Mind You I will not be dumb enough to say anything she would kill me

So how many other horse girl lovers from the frozen tundra feel like Pilsbury Dough Boys with so many layers on



Midlife Mom said...

We have tons of snow here too but I still am HAPPY! Of course my horses are boarded for the winter so I'm not out cleaning stalls in -30* below so I guess it doesn't count! Do have to go down every day to feed barn kitty but that's easy. Stop by my place and take a look at what we do in the winter! :o)

Donna said...

I can't even imagine dealing with such cold temperatures...of course, this is the reason I moved from the Pacific Northwest to Northern California. I can't wait for Spring either!

Molly said...

Rain Rain go away
Come again another day
Little Johnny wants to play

It was in the 70's here yesterday and everyone was out on the sea either sailboarding, fishing, or just drinking beer and margaritas. Not really January weather for us, but more like March. We were able to sit outside and watch the stars come out before dinner. Amazing weather patterns this year.