Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here Comes Our Snow Again...............

On a good note, Jackson did tinkle outside while I had him tied this afternoon during feeding chores. I praised him a lot!

He is too cute otherwise.

Misty pining for more pasture......Not going to happen missy!

Miss Kola asking if that was it. Always looking for more food as if she needs it.


Mrs Mom said...

YAY PUPPYBOY!!! Sure hope he "gets it" soon. Heck Cal, stick him on a baby potty and see if you can get him to use THAT inside! HA~

Stay warm up there. Severe T'storm watches until 3AM here, complete w/ tornado watch. (Looks like the worst of it will break around us though. No biggie!)

Rubs to all your critters there baby, and Hugs to Steve too!!!

Carroll Farm said...

Hi Callie, come and check out my blog. being in your line of work - do you have any tips????

Paint Girl said...

Jackson is sooo cute! I love his ears! Good luck with the potty training!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well we had some snow yesterday, and then sleet and rain and just nasty weather. I'm so done with this winter. Our horses are looking for grass too...good luck to them.
Glad little Jackson tinkled.

Carroll Farm said...

she does have a cardio - they just did the eeg and have her lined up for some other things - I will have to talk to hubby again to see what they were. I know they are scheduled for a 1.5 hour MRI tomorrow.

When she was home and collapsed - she closed her eyes, but they were twitching and her body was stiff. The last 2 nights in the hospital - she will whimper, o2 levels drop and the heart rate goes down. I don't know exactly what she looks like, I am not there (she is with daddy). I do know that she has been 'code red' 20+ nurses rush in with the paddles because she is so close to coding. During the day she just lays her head back and does the same thing that she did at home. We have never noticed body twitching.

THE ped hospital is Phoenix Childrens, but it is RSV season here and there is a huge waiting list to get in , St. Joe is the other (not ranked as high I believe) ped hospital.

Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it!

Mrs Mom said...

Cal- glad that the Carrolls were able to hook up with you. Know that you can help them understand more what is going on with that awesome little girl of theirs!!

Mucho loves to you and Steve- hope he is BEHAVING!! hehehe

Katharine Swan said...

Great about Jackson! Yay!!!

Jean said...

What a good puppy. Hopefully this is the start of good things.

I'm dreaming of green too. Enough of this winter already. Even the hardy grasses are frozen out.

Victoria Cummings said...

It's really the little things that make life better,isn't it? So glad that Jackson is figuring out the drill. I saw some buds on my lilac bushes and on the forsythia. Inch by inch, Spring is coming.

Andrea said...

I am glad Jackson is doing better!! Baby steps!! :)

And always looks so cold up there. Today I actually tunred the heater on for the first time in about a month!! And it is probably 40 degrees outside!!

Keep warm!