Friday, February 20, 2009

We're Due For...........

Five to eight inches of snow tonight! Yay! I'm off to work soon and that means I'll be driving home in it in the morning with chores to be done before I'm off to work again tomorrow night . Looking forward to that, NOT! Jack's piddles outdoors are few and far in between. Another Yay! Steve is managing to get them out at least at eight pm long after I'm at work. Tomorrow will be the challenge getting enough sleep to be able to work another 12 hours Saturday night and actually stay awake. Worried about that. Well, we'll cope somehow. I was able to sleep in somewhat today, but I only worked 4 hours last night, so sleep came easy. It's always hard to sleep enough hours on a normal weekend much less having to had a few chores prior to hopping into bed. I also have to figure out when I'll get these dogs to the Vet. I think Mina has a urinary tract infection, so I've been trying to get cranberry juice down her in the meantime and Spot has a case of the poo drizzles and puked a giant egg shaped whatever today. It never fails, a weekend. I also have a four hour mandatory shift to do on Monday evening. And then the house will need another clean up, however it isn't too bad considering. Poor Steve is feeling useless, but he was able to straighten out the pellet burners today while I slept, so he is able to contribute here and there, even if he doesn't think so. Well, off to another long night, but a decent paycheck in the future. Last night, I was in charge and was a mandatory, so there'll be a little extra pay for that, Thank God!


Jean said...

Oh my, not snow to add to the mix.

I get tired just reading about your schedule, let alone thinking about living it.

Bless Steve, though for toughing it out and finding a way to help out. He may not think he's doing much but with all you have on your plate, every little task is an enormous help.

Put the housecleaning on the bottom of the list to be ignored. The dogs and the vet are important as is your getting enough rest to stay healthy and safe. (Especially driving around in the snow at all hours!!!)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Steve is getting around a little. You've really got your hands full with work and chores. I hope you get some sleep and are able to rest a little.

Mrs Mom said...

Thinking of you guys Callie!! I'd say be careful in the snow but heck, you are an old hand at dealing with wintertime ;)

I will wish you sweet dreams for when you get home though!!!

Hugs to you both, and heres hoping Steve heals up REAL QUICK!!

deejbrown said...

May the Universe shower you with strength, peace and health along with 5 inches of snow.

kdwhorses said...

Oh goodness you have been busy!
Glad Steve is gettting around better!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

We are getting more snow too. This is the winter that will never end!! Sounds like Steve is finding his way to be able to do a little more, which is good. But with men you always have to worry about them overdoing it. when John had the broken collar bone and surgery, he ended up doing too much. One good result of that was that he did not have to have physical therapy! Hang in there! Spring is coming, and Steve is healing! (Tell him to take some oyster shell as a supplement)

Le Cheval Endiablé et Phyto said...

Courage !
Hope you'll succeed in resting enough.

Victoria Cummings said...

Hang in there. You're due for a break, some good luck and a blue ribbon for endurance. As I like to say, "All's well that ends." Hugs to you and Steve.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Callie,
I know how busy you are but I was hoping this award would cheer you up a little. Don't worry about passing it along if you don't have the time. Stop by when you get a chance.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Did you get the same snow we got? It is at least 9 inches ... feels like more!

I like your blog - found it through BlogCatalog. Feel free to come by mine and leave a comment! Would you be interested in linking sites?


The Mane Point said...

Yep - the winter fun continues in the Midwest.

I played a bit of cat-and-mouse with a mare in the snowy - muddy pasture yesterday, simply to squirt some meds in her mouth. Big mistake. Aha!

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