Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar.............

Back to work for me this weekend....... The mares are already pining for the pasture they will not get this weekend as I have to work and it's their lock-up time. I've been giving them the pasture already this spring and they have been quick to gobble up every little green shoot of grass they can find. I'm glad I'm letting them out early this year. As last year , I waited to get real lush grass and really had to restrict them and then ended up with too much clover out there. Last fall we deweeded and fertilized and this year, I introduced them before it gets out of hand, like I used too. They appreciate it, however, they'll be pissed at me this weekend.

This started as an "Aawww..." moment as I just looked out of my window to see our neighbor, Art and his grandchildren, all boys taking a peek at my goats and horses. Then I noticed the children, all just under school aged hop off the quad and start showing their butts to the goats and spitting towards the horses. I was in a state of shock! Wrong message to send a kid, in my opinion. Learning to love an animal brings on empathy and compassion towards others. We like Art, he's a good neighbor to us and I don't mind them coming over to check out the animals, but I know Art is not a great lover of animals and so do our dogs, but man, I was shocked.

Jackson has now got his appointment for the big "O". He will have his little nutter butters removed on April 1st, and this is no Aprils fools joke. But he is starting to assert himself towards the other dogs and not always taking "No" from them as the answer. It is time.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Jackson, he doesn't know what's coming.
I agree with you that children should be taught from early on to respect everything from adults to other children to animals. If you don't teach them when they are young I feel you are in for trouble. That's half the problem with this country, alot of people just have no respect for anything.
Hope you have a decent weekend at work.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

I was shocked too, even just reading about what they did! So strange, because I was reading and thinking about the people who bring their grandchildren to see our goats and horses, and thinking "that is so cool!!" -- then I read the butts and spitting part!! What a downer!!! The people that come by here know our goats love Vanilla Wafer cookies, and they always bring their own box. I will watch to see if they exhibit any of that bad behavior!! I sure hope not!

Jean said...

What a shame about the children. Too bad it would be useless to talk to neighbor Art, as I fear he just wouldn't "get it."

Need to do some pasture rennovation myself, but, as usual, I think I have waited too long. Ah, well, the Boys probably should have too much grass either, tubby as they are. *sigh*

Paint Girl said...

My neighbors always bring kids over to see my goats and horses too. They usually only bring them over when I am here. I don't think I would no what to say if they started spitting etc at my animals! Very interesting, I also think because the dad doesnt care for animals that his kids are going to be the same way. Sad.
I just love Jackson! He is the cutest dog.

Mikey said...

What in the hell? Seriously, I wonder about people and the things they let/encourage their kids to do. Makes me want to slap them silly. That is just craziness and you saw it all. Next time take video. Perhaps seeing themselves online like that might change their behavior. Probably not though.. gah. And our planet is chock full of people like this, and worse. Lovely.