Monday, March 23, 2009

This Next Two Weeks Task List.............

Muck out the girls' shelter and spread it over my neighbors field.

Make the girl's first Vet appointment for Potomac and Rabies shots and general exam. Doc Terri will leave the rest of the Spring vaccinations with me to give myself in a couple of weeks to save me the cost of a farm call.

Jeremiah is here tomorrow to trim feet and Steve and I will go to the Equine forum tomorrow evening. In fact, it should be good, because Doc Tracy is talking about gastric ulcers, along with other equine related stuff, pasture care, etc. . Hosted by our local Co-op, which is where I by my grain.

Make sure I get these girls brushed out and cleaned up a bit before first Vet visit. Of course it's thunder storming tonight and we're getting a lot of cold rain. YUK!
And the usual house clean and general chores and Zoe is home on Wednesday with an appointment to oral surgeon for her on Thursday. Thank God I have this coming weekend off!


Trail Ridin' Mama said...

Does this mean Spring has officially arrived? :)

Jean said...

Well, that's an ambitious list, but a good one. I haven't started mine yet, but there will be some similarities. Cleaning up the shed areas after the winter is a big one.

And the vet. I too have to schedule the spring shots, etc.

With horses, the work is never really done.

Laura said...

Wow - sounds like you a busy lady! Spring is great, but it means getting all of those appointments going - thanks for reminding me to look into booking the vet for vaccinations/checkup!

Grey Horse Matters said...

We just groomed them all this morning for the vet. He just left after their first round of vaccinations. Of course now that they are out they are all rolling to get that nasty grooming off of them.
Good luck with all your projects.

Strawberry Lane said...

Could you please pass all that energy around! My barn list is so long, yep, farriers, vets, shots and keeping Royal on the mend. You impress me!