Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Continueing Kola's Treatment

Before I hosed it out, but after picking it out. It's so muddy here!

After I hosed it out!

Just before I put the cephaparin cream in. I actually think it's looking a bit better.

Creamed applied. I've been doing this about every other day. She still shows no outwardly signs of lameness! Came barrelling in from the pasture last night to a sliding mud stop!


Mrs Mom said...

Callie- yep that sure as shooting IS a "Sonny Hoof"...lol... I am going to follow this closely- this sure seems a heck of a lot easier to do using your goobers there than me fighting with what I am doing!!

Rubs to all the critters from me!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That really is one muddy hoof she's got there. Hope it is healing for you.

Tracey said...

Callie, are you wrapping the hoof after you've got it doctored? I used vet wrap on my ram when he had a nasty abcess to help keep the mud out. We're pretty bad here in the clay right now, too. :(

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Glad to hear it is looking better. She is one tough cookie if she's not lame and can still run! You gotta be tough to make it here in the midwest be you man or beast!

Callie said...

Mrs.Mom, I know, I know......Inspite of all of our moisture, I think it's actually looking a bit better believe it or not.

Arlene, Right now, it is raining and continueing to rain, and these girls won't stand in a dry, clean shelter, so I've been letting them out in the pasture where at least the mud is limited and they have grass to stand on,

Tracey, I find it a bit of a conundrum, I haven't wrapped it because it is so moist, I'm afriad to wrap the moisture in and cause more thrush. There is no way in all of this rain (daily) that I can get this hoof dry enough to wrap. My other problem is niether of these will be stalled without injuring themselves, especially if only one is stalled. Jeremiah said in this crap weather, not to bother wrapping. It did cross my mind, however.

J & R, I think we're getting a handle on it.

Andrea said...

What a chore!! getting all that mud off and cleaning up her hoof!! You sure did get it clean!!

Callie said...

Andrea, Jet option on hose, LOL!