Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Busy Week And Immigration!

My Mina and me, just for fun!
Anyway, tomorrow, after nearly 7 years of MARRIAGE, Stephen and I will make our first visit to an Immigration Attorney. Now let me explain things a bit here. When we first applied for Stephen's immigration, we were helped by a business which is designed for Immigration help and had to wave our rights to an attorney. Filed all the proper paperwork, did the right things we needed to do and got fingerprinted, work permit, and so on and so on. Had our interview, which was weird and strange and nerve wracking. Then we were told to wait, the green card is coming. Sometimes it takes years, but usually not this many years. We've made personal appointments to talk with someone at Immigration to sort out this matter and the only thing you get is a face to face with a uniformed guard through a heavy glass window and you get NO answers. We have tried everything through the years and still we get no where. Bottom line is No Green Card, no travel outside this country. We had even made an attempt at getting something temporary to travel to England for Rebecca's wedding, but it failed. So, Our first appointment is tomorrow and we will bring all of our documentation with us and we'll see what he says. Now, in the the meantime, we've promised our British kids that anytime they want to come to the states to visit, we'll get them here and we have as often as they wanted or needed, along with many of their friends and lots of great times. We aren't swimming in money, contrary to popular belief, but if we have to re-mortgage the house at our age and in this economy to get this payed for and sorted, well then we will. All we can do right now is go to this attorney and see what he has to say. Now, I understand that it is hard for even Adult children to comprehend this mess and the whys and the whats, but this IS how it stands. It is NOT like we've simply just sat on our ASS and done nothing. How long will this take? I do not know. I really don't think we're horrible parents, but perhaps I am wrong.
ON Wednesday, Jackson will go into Janesville and have his little butter balls cut and while we are there, we will stop at the local Social Security office and sort out my SS card and name change properly and I'll apply for a renewed passport. Over the summer we'll get Zoe's passport updated. How much this will all cost? I haven't a clue.
Thursday, I am back to any extra farm work I can manage. On a good note, I did somehow fix our other pellet burner. I do not know how I did it, but Thank God for heat!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It seems pretty silly that after all these years there is still no green card. I know the folks from India that run the convenience store in town have documentation and haven't been here as long as your husband. This seems like a real nightmare and unfair to a guy and his family who are trying to do the right thing by going through all the legal channels. Good luck and give little butter balls a hug for me, he's in for a big day.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Best of luck with the immigration situation. Dealing with all that government departmental red tape is a testimony to determination!!

Jean said...

Ugh, I hate dealing with governmental agencies.

Hopefully all will go smoothly and you'll get the proper documents.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Does this mean you're an alien? You oughta move to Roswell. We've got lots of aliens here in New Mexico.
(Sorry..I couldn't help it. hehe)

That stinks, though. Why does it have to be such a hassle. I just don't get it.

I love that photo of Callie smooching the pooch.

Poor pooch. Someone's gonna be sore tomorrow. :D


kdwhorses said...

Good luck! I do believe they work by there own time clock!

Anonymous said...

Ha, If only it was that simple!