Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring? Phooey!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell happened to Spring?

The poor girls were not impressed. They were both shivering this morning when I went out to feed, so extra hay was thrown.

And thank God for the new heater I happened to have on hand, because this was supposed to be only a little rain . I plugged it in immediately! I was able to pick out Kola's hoof pretty well without the use of the hose and get her medicine in that crack!

The dogs always have fun out in the snow. And Jack actually pooed and peed outdoors first thing this morning and then he promptly came indoors and did it again!

The goats were not impressed either!

I cannot believe this blasted snow! And we have to get Zoe to Chicago OHare this afternoon for her flight back to Missouri, where it probably did not snow!

And when I got back in after beating the hay barn doors with a hammer to break the ice to get in, I found this. It reminds me of the Saturday Night Live Christmas sketch with Justin Timberlake. Just change the words around a little bit!


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Want to ship them out to sunny California? It's been in the 80's here already. Of course, however, our summers here are in the 100's!!! Sometimes even the 120's! YUCK! Every place has its disadvantages, except, I think, San Diego!

Mrs Mom said...

Hey I heard on the Weather Channel that more winter storm warnings were up- y'all aren't in for any more of that white cold crap are you???

Fingers crossed for a safe trip taking Zoe back!

Le Cheval Endiablé et Phyto said...

Here also it is cold for a springtime. It's only raining for two days.
Courage !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Somekitty looks cozy! :)

I hear ya on the snow. Poor critters (well except for the silly dogs, eh? lol!) and poor us. I'm done with winter, too. Too bad we don't have a say in the matter, eh? lol!


Victoria Cummings said...

Yuck. Double yuck. I hope that this is the end of this miserable white stuff for you guys. And I really hope it doesn't come in our direction. Hope you have a safe trip to O'Hare and back!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Unreal!! I don't think it is ever going to stop. We woke up to a white outdoors also, and a very cold, strong wind. The chickens do not want to come out of the coop! We have to clean stalls later....hopefully the wind will have died down by then.

Callie said...

Yeah, It's already starting to melt as we just got home from Chicago! YAY!

Jean said...

We are actually having Spring in NJ for a change. Still, cold rain this morning, then around 5, the temperatures soared. I'd put the sheets back on the Boys last night and had to take them off again this afternoon.

Sorry about your snow. That kind of weather this time of year takes the fun out of everything.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that stinks. Hope you have a safe ride to O'Hare. Love the picture of the kitty. Really cozy and snug. They always find the best places.

BringItOn said...

Well, we get a few days of "spring" and then it's right back to winter. We are under advisory for blizzard conditions again...helllooooo...hasn't this winter been long enough?

Midlife Mom said...

We've had rain the past couple of days but further north (is there anything further north then where we live????) they got snow. When I can't snowmobile anymore I am ready for it to be gone! Snowmobiling on the grass and rocks isn't good for the track! lol!
The girlies look very disgusted with the whole snow thing! Glad you made it back from O'Hare safe and sound!!