Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gotto LOVE Those Fillies!



Mrs Mom said...

Credit goes to Mine That Bird too Cal- he and Mike Smith came from the back of the field and ran that amazing filly down!! A couple more strides, and that would have been a darn close one!

Dear Husband said of the filly: "You wind that big monster up and get her to the front, won't be anyone to touch her!"

That was some race.

Andrea said...

AWHHH!! I missed the race, I am going to have to watch it on You Tube. It sure looked like a good race. I am happy that the little filly won!! I was hoping she would!!

Callie said...

I know, Mrs.Mom, He missed the TC, which also would have been cool, considering his What the hell happened win at the KD. But I love a filly!

Michelle said... awesome was that? :) New to your blog and LOVE IT!