Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're Home !

We're home, land of where yer huntin' dawgs ride in the back of yer pick-up with yer six-pack of Miller High-Life..................

Miss Mina Moo decided to give me the scare of a life time as she split on poor Jeremiah while I was an 8 hour drive away and could do nothing about it. So Stephen and his infinite wisdom, asked Jeremiah after he spent hours looking for her, to leave out three tennis balls on our deck and leave the garage door open and for some reason knew she'd be home. I, of course was in complete panic, sure that she was gone forever and sure enough, she was home when Jeremiah came back in the morning to feed the girls and goats. He left the door open and she went in. Thankfully, my Moo is home now too.

I was hoping that Kola would have lost some more weight, but FAT chance in just two days. We were exhausted last night, but made good time.

These are some serious lightning strikes, we had in a storm the night before we left to pick Zoe up from college.

Some ladies laughed at me as I managed to pack All of her crap in the Jag. I can pack 10 pounds of shit in a 3 pound bag every time. One of my skills, I said to them, "Go ahead and laugh, it'll fit in and I'll still get better gas mileage than your SUV." Ha! 27 miles to the gallon, not bad......... And home in seven hours! :p

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you're home and everything worked out for you and Mina. I know what you mean I can pack lots of stuff in a small space too. It's a gift!