Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today's Task List!

The homestead as we approach after running some errands, much needs to be done!

The girls after yesterday's storms came through. Today's list includes putting back a divider gate in that three sided loafing shed so that Misty can eat in peace and Kola is deterred from chasing her away from all food. Kola's a piggy!

Mina spent yesterday barking in my face! Hilarious, yet very annoying!

So today, I must pick up my mud chunks, I've deposited all over the kitchen from my boots and fix up that divider. Then I guess I do a little more laundry and then who knows, but it's chilly outside and still wet.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The place looks great and Mina is very funny even if she is annoying. I think we got your rain today, what a storm we just had.
After you do your fixing up, why don't you just relax and take it easy for an afternoon.

Mrs Mom said...

Ugh-- laundry. That is a never ending thing around here, what with the two little mens playing in mud puddles, swimming, and having an occasional ooops in bed at night...

Big rubs to the girls and the rest of your 4 leggers from us!!

cdncowgirl said...

Wow you guys must have had quite a storm!
Ah Mina, yes the pics are funny but I guess that would get darn annoying. Maybe the weather had her riled?

Jean said...

I know how you feel. Every time I turn around there is a new job to do around my little farm. And with all the rain the weeds just keep growing!

Take a break sometime. There's always tomorrow to finish up.

Paint Girl said...

Mina looks so cute up there on the pool table! Does she get up there by herself?
I hear ya on so much to do! I have been so busy with all the outside work, I have neglected the inside work. But with the nice weather we are finally getting, I have to get all the outdoor stuff done, before it starts raining again!

Midlife Mom said...

We're getting your rain now. It's been cloudy and overcast for about three days and tomorrow is supposed to really rain hard. We got spoiled with our few days of nice warm sunny weather so this is the pits but I guess we need it for the gardens.
I'll send Kipper down to keep Kola company as they try to trim down. :o) Kipper just piles the weight on in the wintertime and it takes me all summer and fall to get some of it off. These easy keepers aren't so easy when it comes to keeping a waistline on them!
Laundry. I feel your pain. :o)

Callie said...

Paint Girl, to answer your question, yes she does, LOL!