Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, Kola blew up again this weekend while I was at work. I came home yesterday from work and was looking at her and thought, "Geezus, she was looking so much better, what the hell happened? She looks like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon again!" And I asked Steve how much he had been feeding and he had been splitting one scoop of grain between the two of them plus supplements. I have been giving them only 6 oz. of grain with supplements. No wonder, so now Miss Kola is pissy & in spite of rain & storms, I have to still keep her separate cuz she's pissy with Misty again.
The dogs have been ridiculously an ass pain this week! So all tennis balls have been confiscated until they remember that there are times to play and times to POO!
Stephen is taking a nap and I'm tidying up the house today, since it's such crappy weather, raining & cold. It sounds like I haven't been nearly as busy as everyone else has been.
Work was work this weekend, however I did have a pt. in H1N1 (swine)Isolation. Gagh! the masks one must wear are HORRIBLE! One has difficulty breathing in it and I had a headache all night because of the thing! My sinuses were killing me by morning!


Molly said...

Darn those gassy guts. A horse can really puff up overnight. Poor Kola.
Bella has expanded to look in foal when she has gotten into some mesquite pods and only time will help move it through. Lesser horses would surely need Banamine.

Jean said...

Nothing like the Goodyear blimp in the paddock to ruin the day. Are you sure it was Kola and not her secret double. Perhaps she escaped to the far corner of the pasture to leave her doppelganger behind.*g*

Patience. Sometimes it is tried and we must learn to recapture it when lost. Dogs and horses included in the need for it....well, I suppose we could include husbands if need be.

How is the ankle?

Callie said...

Molly, It's not the gassy gut so much as it's the ass fat! LOL!

Jean, LOL, Steve's ankle is pretty much fully healed. I woll have to remember to take a picture of his x-rays with us if we travel, because I'm sure he'll set off the metal detector, LOL!

Grey Horse Matters said...

After all your hard work and she was doing so good. Back to square one, I guess.
Sounds like everyone just went crazy while you were at work. I'm sure you've got them all toeing the line now though.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

It is awful to have a setback like that with the weight/gas. Poor thing....and poor you guys, having to deal with keeping horses separate, etc...
The mask thing is awful. I was a dental assistant for a number of years, and we only had to wear the basic paper ones -- I can't imagine how aggravating the respirator type would be.
We were in Wisconsin this weekend, and the weather did suck. It HAS to improve soon!!