Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kola's Exam

Well, Vet came out with an assistant today to do the lameness test. I gave her a copy of Kola's original Vet check when we purchased her in 2006 as a starting point. It was difficult to come to any conclusions because of her conformation, the fact that she is a gaited horse and of course when we lunged her, that muscle that had acted up before, beginning all of this and even as recent as yesterday when Jeremiah checked her after a trim, today, it didn't seem to act up. Spine was good, stifles and hocks fine and what you expect for a 15yr old horse. A little tender on that right rear heel, but that could be secondary to this original issue and some tenderness on her right front toe, however, the Vet said, even though she was trimmed just yesterday, she felt that perhaps she had a bit too much sole touching ground rather than hoof wall just on that hoof. No x-rays were recommended at this time, thankfully! And the general conclusion was soreness from a possible kick and not in the best physical shape as she lives a rather pampered life, however , we were at that starting point when this happened. So she ordered some muscle relaxants if I so choose and we'll start with some light exercise, walks around the house, uphill, etc. working our way up and as I knew this was coming , massage my horse's ass, LOL! She actually seems to be working through this quite well, slowly but surely on her own and we will check in with the Vet next week to give a report on her progress. I am so relieved that this was not what I originally thought and that it's simply muscle from what we all could conclude. I suspect, I'll get her full report in the mail soon. So slow build up exercise and Miss Kola get ass massages, wish I could get a massage, LOL. Anyway, I feel better about it all, joints and spine are good!


Jean said...

Good news indeed. Sounds as if it were a kick, then. Good. That should come sound with no problem.

Lucky girl to get muscle massages. You will need some yourself after you work on her, I suspect. Maybe she could reciprocate? Horse lips can be very soothing. *G*

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

ROFLMAO!! Oh, the things we do for our horses!!

Glad to hear that they really can't find anything though. Hopefully it will disappear as she gets more in shape and loses more of the weight.

Anonymous said...

I've found massaging a good way to feel for tight muscles and soreness - and sometimes what we do actually helps. Glad she's feeling a bit better!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's good news. She should be better soon. I know what you mean about getting a massageI could use a massage everyday, lucky horse to get one for free.