Saturday, August 22, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Sweet and Bitter !

One of Callie's and I favorite places to go each year is the Walworth County Fair which this year celebrates 160 years from September 2nd to September 7th. If the acts appearing are good ( They are free part of the entrance fee which this year costs $30.00 for a season pass ( 6 days ). As well as hundreds of horses which Callie insists we visit every day we go ( EVERY HORSE BARN OF WHICH THERE ARE 8 ) including draft horses, there are Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Cows, Geese etc. etc. plus all the farm equip. fair rides, Big Boys Toys, Commercial Booths, Loads of Food

This Year It's Great With

Craig Morgan
Garry Allan
Tractor Pulls
and my own favourit the destruction derby

Here is a link to the fairs own site Walworth County Fair 160 years young

And a link to One Of Callie's Posts From Last Year with a few photos 2007 Walworth County Fair

For a Brit who spent most of his time living in cities this is one of things I love about living in a farming community, the fair has it's commercial side but much of it is based around kids showing livestock, Latest farming equipment including tractors and combines , local musical talent showing off their talents. And unusual for a fair in Wisconsin ( The home of Miller and more Beers ) No alcohol , I was asking my neighbor why and he said the land was deeded to the community for the fair with the proviso of no alcohol


As well as signalling back to school is the signal that autumn and winter is on it's way once again and for the next month after the fair we spend the time preparing for winter,

But at least from the 2nd of September till the 7th September we will spend a few hours each day wandering around our local fair , with Callie taking hundreds of Photo's which I am sure she will share with all of YOU. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer


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Jean said...

My local fair is much smaller with the same "flavor." The last big fair like that I went to was in New York State. Our state fair used to have horse races and even horse pulls. Now its much more commercial, less agricultural. I guess it reflects the changing face of NJ.

Bittersweet for sure, though as our fair also signifies the end of summer. A little less so for me this year as I have retired and do not have to go back to school!