Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roast Goat For Dinner

It was this close [---]

Here is my story let this be a lesson to those thinking of keeping goats

1. 9:30 look out office window to check horses OK and the boys ( Terrible Trio ) Herman , Poomba and Itty Bitty in the paddock with the girls. ( Callie sleeping as she worked last night.

2. 9:45 Goats back in Pen beginning to make repairs to fence they have broken down.

3. 9:55 Pop in garage and over to the truck to see if any spare Bungee Cords as temp solution.

4. 10:05 Still looking for bungee cords and spot goats broke out again,

5. 10:15 Grain will not entice them in and now Pumbah and Itty Bitty gone out to the pasture.

6. 10:55 Chase Goats round for 40 minutes worried that if I get to aggresive they may make bolt for the road, Get goats back to penn eventualy.

7. Take Break as I am worn out from chasing goats but watch them like a hawk

8. 11:15 Begin making further repairs to fence , I will endure or so I thought now I am sure you saw Callies Video with Herman shaking hands and thought aahhhh cute NO NO NO , I am leaning over trying to get repair in place when what does the leader of the pack do but take my glasses off my head and try to force them through the fence and I am sure as he is trying to do so HE SMILED AT ME

9. 11:55 Get all secure and think about how Callie would kill me if I served up Roast Goat for dinner

10. Herman must have known what I was thinking as last thing he did was nuzzle my hand

Just another day in this mad house we call home with all our wonderful animals



Jean said...

My Dad used to tell stories of how the goats would get up on the roof of the house...or worse, in the house and bound around on the beds.

As I understand it, and according to the goats I have known, they are very clever critters with a wicked sense of humor.

Paint Girl said...

Goats sure can get into a lot of trouble! My 4 goats have me running all the time!! They can be such a handful. But their personalities are just wonderful!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Never a dull moment. Can't blame you for wondering how roast goat actually tastes? Glad everything worked out in the end.

JeniQ said...

Never had goats before, lots of other animals though as I grew up on a large farm. I've heard horror and humor stories though of antics of goats.

Carroll Farm said...

we have 26 goats and i tell ya - never a dull moment. we have fixed A LOT of fences because of those things. but - you gotta love them

Anonymous said...

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Mrs Mom said...

LOL Steve, sounds like the goaties gave you a run for your money there!! Rotten little things!! Goats are a blast. Wrecking Crew keeps saying he wants a goat... and I keep putting it off LOL.

Sounds like your crew (or should I say Callies crew) sure had a blast with their practical joke on you! ;)

(BTW I hear goat tastes wonderful...)

Midlife Mom said...

My sister was visiting friends the other night and glanced out the sliding glass door and there stood the two goats looking in at them! They had gotten out of their pen, climbed up onto the deck and were looking for the children. They love the children and make an awful racket when the kids aren't home to play with them. I've always wanted a couple here but if they got out and ate my neighbors flowers I would be dead meat!!!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

The title of your post caught my eye, because my husband is always threatening to roast our goats!! They get into everything, and cause so much trouble!! The other day I came home from work and saw both goats out in the yard. At that moment I knew my garden was in trouble, and sure enough, they had eaten just about all of the cabbage. My husband is Serbian and planned on making sour heads from that cabbage to have for winter meals. He was about ready to roast a goat or two that day! But it is true; just when you think you are going to kill them, they look up at you with those sweet eyes and rub your hand.......

The People History said...

Regina ,

I feel for hubby , I was so mad at them and especially Herman , but after I got my glasses out of his mouth and they were not wrecked he nuzzled my hand as if to say "Only Joking"

Also what gets me is they work as a team to break free if I had not seen it with our own eyes I would never have believed it


Carol............. said...

We had a couple of goats way back when and I recall how they would always find a way to escape and jump on the roof of my car!!! Yummy goat chops! LOL

2J Genetics and Horseshoeing said...

Steve, Bubba wants to know if you will serve mashed potatos with that? What time ya servin the feast lol

The People History said...

hhhmmm mash and Goat unusual combo but you have seen Herman , not much room for mash

White Horse Pilgrim said...

We had a goat. She got onto the roof, entered the house and left poo everywhere, even chewed the corners of the building.

In the end we did eat her. The meat was fattier than I had expected for a creature that ran around so much. On the other hand her diet did include building materials and rubbish.