Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Update...............

Well, Misty continues to heal..........She seems to be quite right. I will schedule a trim for these long hoofed girls to be done in 2 weeks. Misty's knee still looks good. I have Kola off her Levethyroxine for now and we'll see what she looks like this spring. This morning brings me two happy, hungry (as usual) horses. I received very pitiful looks from all four legged family members as I drove off to work for my mandatory over-time last night. Miss Mina (fat dog) seems to loosing some weight already. What was tight rolls of fat seem to be getting a little squishier, feels like it's loosening up. And all dogs are adjusting to their feeding schedule. Only thing is, my Mina dog will not eat unless I put her food bowl next to me where ever I happen to be, LOL. Dork! Spot, the Border Collie had a sore hip last week and was gimping around, but seems to have gotten over it as well. We were worried about a hip dysplasia with a full bred dog, but he seems ok now. We will watch him and give the glucosamine as the old dog Fido get that and 16yrs old, he keeps on ticking.............Have yet to figure that one out!


Jean said...

Isn't it nice sometimes to just be able to stand back and observe these wonderful creatures that share our lives. Each one is an individual with needs and desires not much different than ours.

The People History said...

amen to that Jean ,
But the differences are the girls ( Kola and Misty ) do not threaten to dye their hair or trim it , which means a trip to Regis and of course If one girl goes the other has to go which leaves me holding the baby ( if only more like the bill )

This is in response to my darling pain in the butt wife telling fibs about what I call the girls in the previous post

As Nelson Muntz would say HA HA


Breathe said...

I have a dog like that - will only eat with a witness.

Every creature is so odd. God must have a blast handing out these personalities.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad the mares are doing better. You're animals all have great personalities. I can never understand people who think all animals are the same, for example...horses. Each animal I have known has a distinct personality. Some a little odder than usual, but I think those are the ones we like the best. Whatever it is they are all fun to figure out and live with.