Friday, January 22, 2010

A Friday Funny to make you smile

Ring Ring

Me Pick Up Phone
Lady On Other End
"Gladys is Ready"
Lady On Other End
"Gladys Is all Ready and Waiting"
"Sorry What Do You Mean"
Lady On Other End
"Sorry Wrong Number"

And Phone goes dead

Now Callie and I spent the next hour or so coming up with scenarios ranging from

  1. Gladys is old lady waiting for car or van to collect her
  2. Gladys is pet who is all ready to go home
  3. Gladys is an old car that has special pet name
But of course the best is Gladys is in the pleasure business , ( but I did wonder at pleasure girl with name of Gladys as it does not conjure up the greatest idea in pleasure ) "please insert your own thoughts here as some of mine and Callies are not suitable for print.

But the one thing we did do was Laugh our butts off so if laughter is the way to stay young , we will have some more of those type calls instead of people trying sell crap ( maybe that is why my telephone manner has become much worse over the years )

What is the funniest wrong number you have had

Have a great weekend



Mrs Mom said...

Oh Geeze Steve... lol.. THAT sure left a few doors open for interpretation! Gladys... hehehe... (Actually that is my Dad's Mother's Kinda tough for me to come up with the umm... "alternative" solutions when that name is special..HA~ ....Course, knowing my GRAMPA, well, one just never knows. Sometimes, its best NOT to know!)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh my, I hope Gladys wasn't the victim of a 'granny dumping' at a racetrack or hair salon and trying to find her phone number and a ride home!

I know I've had funny calls over the years but can't remember them now, maybe my real name is Gladys and that's why I can't remember. Hello, hello is anybody there...

Jean said...

I guess the only one I remember was when the phone woke me up from a sound sleep and I had almost scheduled the caller for a dental appointment before I realized it was a wrong number.

But the best calls were when we had a phone at the barn registered in one of the horse's names and the called tried to sell "Mr. Dexter" a subscription to the paper. When I told he he couldn't come to the phone because he was out to pasture, I had the last laugh.

The People History said...


I love the one about the horse bout time we got our own back on these callers who want to sell us stuff we are not interested in and do not want