Monday, April 5, 2010

OK, It's Been A Very Busy Couple Of Weeks....

First of all, Our little Grandson, Joseph, has turned a year old yesterday! Happy Birthday little man Joseph! We will finally get to see him in September!

Kola continues to look good. I've started her on a Vitamin E & Selenium supplement. And with a little apple juice added, she manages to stomach the bitter powder. Misty has been started on Glucosamine as well. I released Misty from the barn, only being stalled for 2 weeks and she seems to being doing well. I will not ride Misty this year at all, instead giving her a break to let her recover as fully as possible from this knee injury. Not to mention, I actually have to find some way to get some weight on her without Kola getting into it. I might buy some grain and add it to Misty's regimen. Also their fecal flotation results came back and both girls had a "0" egg count, Kola a "+1" sand, so I will only worm the girls twice a year now and Kola is back on Metamucil to flush out any sand.

I've opened to pasture to them both as there isn't much out there and I want to keep it down. Just gives them something to do, they think they are eating. They also get their morning and evening hay.

Misty seems to be none worse for the wear.

Zoe was home this past week for Spring break. She will be graduating a semester early in December of this year with a major in Political Science and a Minor in Sociology and then onto grad school for Urban Planning, like Grandmother, like granddaughter. My Mother had been channeled through her, I'm sure. If she was alive, I know she would be so proud! Also Thomas has gotten his Skipper's licence in the UK and now having just turned 24yrs old is skippering a huge boat for a Survey Company, surveying the bottom of the North Sea for placement of wind turbines. Again, we couldn't be more proud. He makes more than I do, it's exciting! Becs continues to be a great Mother to Joseph, also working part time in accounting. Talk about getting it all right with your kids. Amazing! It's what every parent should hope for, successful happy children.

While I was out taking the photos of the horses, Mina slipped away to our Neighbor's parked tractor and stole his baggy of celery. We didn't tell him, as I'm sure he didn't mind. His wife forces him to eat healthy, but he prefers candy, LOL! He also just did us a huge favor and saved us about $400 and completely cleared all of my horse poo and goat poo out of the paddock and riding arena and goat pen and spread it over his field. Awesome, it looks great out there and he gets a little natural fertilizer at the same time. It took him about an hour. Stephen has had to see a Urologist, we didn't like him, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. I will let you know what's going on at a different time as we are in just beginning stages. It started with a high PSA test result. We'll see, I'm actively seeking a Doc we get along with, long story. Today we'll be shoring up the goat pen as right now they are locked in the stall until we get this put together. Gotta love cheap cattle panels! So I am sorry , I haven't been to visit anyone recently as it has been ridiculously busy around here. I promise , I will try and get to everyone's blogs later this week and catch up!


Cheyenne said...

Great pics!! The "wee Man" is cute. A yearold? I sometimes wish I could be young again, not that young though!
Just done all my horses egg counts, since we ran sheep and cattle with them in the field, we`ve had no worm issues. But, did them anyway. A big fat zero! Still worm the twice a year.
Do you think your chap could remove our muck heap?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, you have been busy. Glad mostly everything is going well. Hope Stephen is okay and you find the right doctor for his needs.

Jean said...

Good luck with the doctor search. It's so important to find someone you like for things like this. Hope all will be well.

The little guy is adorable. Is that his one year old birthday pic? He has such a bright smile!!

Callie said...

Jean, no, that picture is of Joseph at about 9 months old. Don't have a current picture of him yet.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you, and the horses. How fabulous that someone came out and took all your manuer (spelling???)We really should start composting ours and promoting it out to farmers, etc...Another project!!!

Jean said...

What's with the lack of Joseph pictures??? Huh? Somebody has been remiss in sending Grandmom the proper, REQUIRED, updates. Do parents need a visit from the Grandparent Enforcement Agency? You should have a full album by now. *G*

Please post a current Joseph picture as soon as you get one. He is just toooooo cute.

Midlife Mom said...

Lots going on at your place! You are such a good horse Mom taking beautiful care of Misty and Kola. So many other horses should be so lucky. Nice of your neighbor to clean out everything for you. That is such a big help.

I think I am going to bring Nick home this weekend. He has been on stall rest for a week and needs another one but now can be hand walked. It's so much easier doing that when he is right here and not at the stable. It's almost time to bring them all home anyhow. It's going to be hard when they come home and Skip isn't with them. I know that's going to be a difficult day but he is up in the field with Buddy so that is comforting.

Your grand son is just adorable!!! Can't wait to see some more pictures!!!

Hope there is nothing serious going on with Steve. Will put him on my prayer list if that is okay. I'm always after my men to get their PSA's checked ASAP or I will kick them in the BUTT!

So you have a celery stealing pooch eh?! Could be worse!! haha! Take care and give those two hay burners a big hug from me!

Saddlery said...

nice pics!