Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England, Dartmoor Wild Horses


Cheyenne said...

Did you get to the Cumbrian Fells, in the English Lake District? There are loads and loads of Wild Fell Ponies high on the Southern Fells.

Near a place called High Street, south of Penrith. Great pics though! Hope your holiday was or is great!

Grey Horse Matters said...

They're adorable. Looks like you enjoyed your trip.

Callie said...

Cheyenne, Cumbria is north, isn't it? If I recall. We have family mostly on the south coast and up in Bristol, so we took just a few days on our own to go through Devon & Cornwall, because in my many trips to visit, that is one place I hadn't been. I also have photos of the New Forest and ponies which I fed inspite of the signs not to, LOL, We had a lot of family visit to keep to and only two very fast weeks. On my to do list now.

Arlene, they were cool and it was an eerie place to visit, but really glad we did.

Jeni said...

Like our wild horses, they look fat and happy!!!

Beautiful pictures Callie thank you for sharing them.

devon cottages said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

I am loving the horses in them!