Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Forest Ponies, Lindhurst, England


Wolfie said...

30+ years ago, while visiting relatives in Southampton, my cousins, sisters and I actually rode in the New Forest. I was an inexperienced rider (still am!) and was very nervous but didn't want to miss an opportunity to ride with wild ponies. Everything was fine until the pony herd started to gallop, and our horses followed in kind. It was the first (and only!) time I have ever galloped, hanging on for dear life. But to be galloping in amongst the ponies was absolutely amazing....sort of like a National Geographic film! Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

Cheyenne said...

Nice weather! Must have missed that day!!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cute horses. Looks like you got around there. I read the sign, but I take it that didn't mean you right. LOL!
I'll bet your girls were happy to see you when you got home.

Callie said...

Wolfie, glad to bring back good memories for you, I don't think I could handle a gallop anymore either, LOL!

Cheyenne, actually the gods must have smiling on us because we really had good weather most of the time. I do recall the news with a fair amount wind & rain up north.

Arlene, Old Native American trick, Jeremiah taught me when I was trying to ground break Sofia filly. I did not get bit or chased and actually made a few little friends. Carrots are yummy. Funny enough, people kept asking the kids what I was doing and they responded, "Oh, that's just our American step-mum, she's a horse whisperer." LOL!

Midlife Mom said...

You're back!! Looks like you had a great time on vacation, the pictures of the horses are soooooooo pretty! Glad you got good weather too! Bet the girls were so happy to see their momma get home. Lil' Bud got mild case of slobbers a couple weeks ago. Have no idea where he found the clover and the other two didn't get it. This is a first for me, thanks to your blog I knew what to do!!!!!
Glad you a back!!!!