Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tintagel, Cornwall, England

The land of King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon. The stone is the closest they can date to possible Arthur's time. This was in an area in which an archaeology dig uncovered a village near the Tintagel Castle, Arthur's castle.

A medieval cider press.

A battle field. All within a mile area.

The village of Tintagel. Also land of where witchcraft originated. Loved it!

Our hotel, Camelot Castle. Our one treat to ourselves. Beautiful views, but a little in your face and snobby. And not one local worked there, strange.

But our lovely room and what an awesome bed, eh?

Tintagel Castle ruins, Arthur's castle and Merlin's cave, tucked down in there.

More of Tintagel Castle ruins.

Tintagel Castle ruins at sunset and the Atlantic Ocean, our view from our room.


Jeni said...

Oh wow !!! How cool is that?

That bed is awesome!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm savoring your pictures, because I've always wanted to go to Cornwall since my paternal grandparents were from there. If I do ever make it there, it will probably be when I'm retired.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Just gorgeous, what a great trip. Love the ruins and castles and lore. I always check out ruins wherever I go, it's something that really interests me. Love the pictures from the room and the bed, wow.

GoLightly said...

Thank you so much for the pics!

"The Once and Future King.."
My favourite book of all time.

Enjoy the rest of your trip, totally jealous here..

Cheyenne said...

I am so pleased you are enjoying our Country. Thanks for the good reviews!!!

Callie said...

Cheyenne, My husband, Stephen is British. I've been before, several times and when we first met 10 yrs ago, we traveled back and forth to see each other.This is the first time we've been back in 8yrs as it took that long to get Stephen his green card. Funny enough, Driving came back very quickly to Steve and I recognized areas we've been before.I enjoy it everytime I go and it may be in the cards in the future to snowbird there when we are ready to retire.

Merri said...

just lovely!!
- The Equestrian Vagabond