Friday, October 1, 2010

My Darling Wife The Big Brave Farm Girl ***NOT***

One of the photos Callie would not include because we do not have a macro camera

My brother and his wife were kind enough to give up their bedroom when we stayed with them and all was fine until a Incy Wincy Spider climbed around the ceiling at which point Callie is telling me to kill it.

I could not stop laughing so Callie wearing her PJ's Rushes down stairs shouting to Graham and Helen for help which made me laugh even more, My brother being the gentleman he is came up and killed it .

Here is my lament to the poor little thing who did us no harm

Incy wincy spider climbed up the spout
Down came the rain, and washed poor Incy out
Out came the sunshine, and dried up all the rain
And Incy wincy spider climbs up the spout again



Cheyenne said...

Shame on her!!!!Lol!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All spiders must die!!!

Jeni said...

I'm right there with Callie !!! I ride a 2000 pound horse, but a stupid spider will make me scream like a girl and run for cover!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey! Cut her a break. lol!
You can be brave and still be afraid of spiders. Spiders don't bother me when they're outside, but once they get in the house, I am known to panic.
Spiders are just plain creepy....and some can even kill you if they bite you.


dickiebo said...

You are a nasty piece of work!!! lol.

Katharine Swan said...

Nice to meet another person who has a hard time with killing spiders, Steve. My dad always put them outside when I was a kid, so I grew up and started doing that, too. But after living in an old house and realizing how many spiders actually live with me, I gave up and stopped bothering with them. As long as they are not near the bed, I just leave them alone. Near the bed, they get put outside, unless they are the kind that's too fast to catch in a glass.

The bright side is that we don't have very many bugs in the house!

GoLightly said...

Uh, Steve, you are posting on a pink blog.

It was an English spider, I've heard about them! They are gigantic!
My husband is terrified of snakes. What scares you??

whoah, wordverf is "makingno"
Tally-Ho, what-what? Say hi to the Queen for me!

Callie said...

Here's the things ladies, this British house spider should have been paying rent, it was the size of my hand! It had to die and go to spider heaven as I did not want to invite it to crawl over my while I slept!

Callie said...

And gentleman!