Sunday, March 20, 2011

Compare Your Inflation

I thought I would share a table I have created on The People History, Part of running The People History is keeping prices for everything from food to Gas Prices over the last 90 years and I created the table included to monitor how inflation has changed over the last few years. Click The Image for easier to read full size image.

While I was at it I created a comparison basket of goods from 2008 to this month , I was surprised at the basket shown below

We update the figures every 3 months monitor our Inflation Price Basket over the next 12 months to get an idea of real inflation



Midlife Mom said...

Scary isn't it?

Cheyenne said...

I looked at this, and was careful before I answered. I understand in each case there is a point at which we all suffer when costs rise.

Our Gov. Has always sought out tax hikes, on fuel food, clothes cars, houses and death.
I note that bread over here is around £1:35p. a gallon of gas is £6:20p
if that happened in America, I`m sure you would get upset!
For us, its a matter of fact. We have no option, only today, LLoyds banking group are going to lay off several thousand staff.

It will get worse before it gets better.
But I often think its down to speculators!!

The People History said...

Hi Cheyenne,

Yes Gas is much more expensive in UK , After 10 years I struggle somewhat with US Tax here are a few examples with some of the differences

1. You pay Federal Tax and Similar to NI called Social Security Tax here

2. In addition we pay State Taxes as a separate tax bill

3. We pay sales tax here ( Sort of VAT )( It is State / County / City Based ) and is never included in the price so you are never sure how much your bill will be to buy something this includes everything food , childrens clothes and anything else unlike UK

4. Healthcare is another issue ( for example Callie pays about $550 plus per month for healthcare insurance but in addition you have to pay a co-pay of 10% on anything eg Scripts, Doctors Visit, Hospital Visits, ( an example Broken Ankle cost $3,500 co-pay in addition to Insurance.

So as you can imagine a major surgery e.g. heart bypass means even if you are insured the chances are you would need to sell your home to pay co-pay.

The other thing which is difficult to understand is the size and distance to go to a supermarket we do not live in "A Country Area" as such but a trip to the nearest supermarket is 30 + miles round trip

Difficult to fully explain but hope it gives you an idea


Callie said...

I have to add a bit........Unlike UK, even though we are not in the middle of nowhere, but rather in the middle of Chicago(major city) and Milwaukee(smaller city) and 37 miles for me to drive to work, There is no public transport available from most rural areas and they are rather rural by UK standards, even though places out in Wyoming for instance are far more rural by our standards. And as for the taxes.....What you see in UK, is what you pay, there are so many hidden taxes here in that it's always a surprise at the checkout......Although, it's much harder to get on the property market in the UK, no way could find or afford the equivalent of what we have here in the UK, we did notice when we were there last autumn that the cost of living in the UK is much better than here..And we'll be back to UK in just 3 more weeks. Remembering that Stephen is from the UK, I am not.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well technically it's a truck. Maybe a few grocery bags in the back would fit. Nothing bigger than that though. I guess the cab took up so much room. Glad you got a chuckle out of it though, I would have liked to see the rake sticking out the window.

Equine Massage School said...

That's very interesting. I can only imagine 3 years from now...

Cheyenne said...

Well?.. I have to say I am taken aback! I didnt realise just how different things are over there. The co tax? thats something else. But thanks for the correction, I`ll look at things a bit differently from now on!

I suppose the hidden taxes are every where, but we are lucky with health care.
Thanks Steve, and Callie for that, I shall not bleat again!!Lol.

Sorry Callie, I must have got mixed up and thought you were the ex pat!

Callie said...

No Problem, Cheyenne, I'm the American, LOL, and I'm the one with the accent when we go over there..........kind of funny.....There are goods and bads to both countries.........