Sunday, May 8, 2011

Country Living and Birds In The Garden

One of the wonderful joys of living in the country and working from home is the wide range of birds I can see from my office window.

I thought I would share just the first 10 today or the page will load to slowly, I may well do a further post later

American Goldfinch ( Always brings a smile to my face when I see them due the bright colors )

Baltimore Oriole ( Highly Unusual this year we have 2 pairs who come to the feeder )

American Robin ( To Many to count and to a Brit even after 10 years they blow me away because of the size compared with the little British Robin I was used to )

House Finch ( pretty little bird but like most in the bird world the female is quite plain )

Scarlet Tanager ( Not seen any yet this year but always a pleasure due to the bright colors )

Norther Cardinal ( My Pet name for this one is MR Special as he struts round like he all that and I suspect if I was a bright red color with a cool tuft of hair I might strut a bit )

Indigo Bunting ( We only ever see for a few days each year at the feeder but make a great site when we do )

House Sparrow ( It would be easy to dismiss this little bird because of the large numbers but when they are at the feeder with their young who are all fluffed up asking for food you can not help but love them )

Rose Breasted Grosbeak ( It has been couple of years since we have seen one but this year the male is spending a lot of time at the feeders )

Brown Headed Cowbird ( I thought this was a pretty cool bird when I first saw one because only when you look closely do you realize how clever the coloring is )

As a Brit who was always lived in a City or Burbs the range and color of the birds we see makes me happy as a pig in ????

I will try to post another 10 at a later post



IanH said...

Great photos, Steve. When I was in Britain and saw my first robin, I had two thoughts 1. You've got to be kidding and 2. Where is the rest of it? ;-}

Cheyenne said...

Nice one Steve!