Wednesday, December 12, 2012

England October 2012, Lyndhurst, New Forest

                                                                 Family unloading......
                                                           The Sweet Shop........yum!
                                            Thomas and daughter, Poppy, our granddaughter
                                 My illegal feeding of the New Forest Ponies as per every visit
 I always make lots of new pony friends, just takes a little bag of carrots and some wits because they can get pissed off.
                                                      A whole new group of friends
                   I wanted to pack of this particular grey, but she wouldn't fit in my suitcase.

                                      Or this little pretty sorrel, she really became my friend.
                                                              She's gorgeous..........

                                             Becs with a gobstopper after the sweet shop
                                                              Zoe just hangin' out
                                                     Sophie and some sort sticky sweet
                                                             Stephen, Tom and Poppy


cheyenne jones said...

Good visit all round by the looks of it!

Callie said...

Cheyenne, I still have much more to come, LOL, probably at least three or four more posts and these are highlights of all the photos.