Thursday, December 13, 2012

Even More England October 2012

     Burley, New Forest......The Witching Village........All these years and this was my first visit here.

                      I think the only parking lot in the Village of Burley, full of New Forest ponies.

                                               Really cute cottage in the middle of Burley.

Nifty little store and of course we shopped.

                                                            Grandpa Steve and Poppy

Another new friend that was extremely vocal and following me everywhere in the village. What a sweetie, wanted to take him home with me too.
                                                            Nanny Callie and Joseph

                                                          Nanny Callie and Poppy

                                           Stephen looking out in Limington, New Forest

                                                 Land Ho! On Tom's clamming boat!

                                                         Pier under the Eye in London

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