Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The World Is Ending!

OMG! You'd thought I ended horse life as we all know it. It's suppose to start rain and sleet and turn to snow today into tomorrow and I thought this morning I would close the gate to the pasture and keep the girls in the paddock and near the shelter, mind you, also open to the training pen with plenty of room to get around. I did while they were eating. Now the gate to the pasture is electric ribbon, three of them and when they were done with their grain and went to the hay feeder, of course because it was unfamiliar today, Misty freaked and started running around, well if Misty is running around then something must ready to eat us, so Kola then began and so the chain of me telling them to "Quit!" and them doing sliding stops into the corners of the fence had begun. Kola slid into her feeder and knocked it down. I was able to stand in front of them as they were headed back towards the opened gate to the training pen and shout "Quit!" and they settled as I redirected them to their hay. Checked all legs for cuts. Removed all wind eye boogers. I'll have to watch them now for awhile and make sure nobody torqued themselves while acting like horses. It's not like it hasn't been closed before. Now their eating from their hay feeder, both facing the white ribbons and bottoms poised ready to go if it approaches them to eat them. I just worry when they act silly like that, one of them will get hurt. Du fusses!


Rising Rainbow said...

ya, sound just like horses to me. lol ya gotta love the little darlings.

Callie said...

Yeah, I ended up re-opening the pasture because they were so bent out of shape. The wind has picked up. They were eyeballing the orange donned hunters in the neighbor's back forty.

Tracey said...

Hi, just found your blog and love it. Check out mine sometime at

Your horses are very pretty and you have a big heart taking on those special little ones!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.