Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Kind of weird having it this early, but I worked last night and when I woke up this afternoon, Zoe and Steve had cleaned the kitchen and made a leg of lamb roast with all the fixin's. What a nice day, although we are now buried in snow from Friday night's winter storm! I had gotten up early and blanketed the horses early Friday morning as the storm had started. By Saturday morning, Misty had torn her blanket off, including undoing the side buckles and left it laying in the paddock. We had a a good foot of it and only one working four wheel drive vehicle. So I could not make it in to work Friday night as we needed the four wheel drive to get down to Chicago and pick up Zoe from the airport. That was one hairy trip and the snow wasn't nearly as bad in Illinois as it was here, but we had a semi nearly jack knife in front of us. Zoe's plane was delayed, so in the end we got home at about two in the morning. So today is a nice day and of course daughter forced me into watching Godspell on satellite TV. As a child from the 70's, it sure did bring back the memories, so as punishment to child from me for being forced to watch, I then sang to her all of the songs from Godspell. Remember those?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Easter Callie and to your whole gang. Glad everything went well on the airport trip, can't believe you had all that snow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Easter to you as well. It sounds like you had one harrowing trip to the airport.

Have to laugh at your blanket shedding horse. Doesn't she know that thing'll keep her toasty and warm.

Callie said...

Arlene, And we're getting more this week, Ugh!

Mikael, She cracks me up. I couldn't figure it out. She wore it all winter. She busted the front buckle, tore it at the stitches, but unbuckled the the side straps. Not a scratch on her either. Buried it in the snow...LOL

BarnGoddess said...

happy easter!


Mrs Mom said...

Glad you all made it to the airport and back OK there. Was thinking of you guys, and am just now getting the chance to catch up on things.

I will take some pics of the Wisteria for you to see --- it is just about in full bloom. Wish I could capture the scent for you as well, but they have not come up with "Smell-o-Vision" yet. (Hey theres a project for Steve!)

Have a great visit!

Callie said...

BG, Thank-you, Hope WeeOne had fun finding eggs!

Mrs.Mom, Thanks it was a hairy ride and if anyone could invent it, Steve probably could! LOL