Monday, September 15, 2008

It's One Giant Mud Puddle!

It has rained most all last week and weekend. Finally it stopped today. It was still overcast but no rain! It is supposed to be nice and dry the rest of the week! Yay! The poor girls are now caked in mud! I topped of their hay today and should get a delivery in a week or two. Jeremiah, our farrier needs to come and trim this week as well. I will pick up their autumn vaccinations so that when Jeremiah gets here, he can help me give their shots. I'm now paying $4.50 a bale for hay and I'm getting a 70/30 grass/alfalfa mix. I thinks it's easier on tender tummies, Miss Kola.
Tomorrow, Steve and I will be gone all day to Madison to check out the University for Zoe. She's thinking of transferring. So far, I'm not impressed. The school itself is one of the nation's top Universities, however, the people we spoke to on the phone so far were not very helpful or nice. When we checked out Mizzou, they really wanted Zoe and were very polite and helpful, now Madison accepted Zoe in 2007 as she applied to a few Universities. When I spoke to them, they were quite nasty. This kid has maintained a 3.8 GPA at college and with a degree of difficult classes. And Madison was telling me they may not accept her AP classes from high school. Wisconsin AP courses in which she received a 4 in all four of the classes she took. She did graduate 7th out 180. They better be a little more helpful tomorrow or I'll go off! It's a two hour drive for us and there's a whole bunch of crap I need to get done around here.
Wednesday, an hour at the insurance broker to sign papers and check out better deals and Thursday, the dudes with the pellet burning stoves will come and check our space for the new one we just bought. We've got to do something about these bastards, WE energies. We're fightin' fire with fire! We've bought a big very efficient pellet burner and while they are here, we're going to have them give us a quote on the a fire place insert. We'll so our best to heat this place and let the energy company stuff their gas back up their butts!


Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Please can you tell me what a pellet burner is ?
I hope you'll find an interesting way for Zoé's studies.
I also hope you will have dry time. Here, it is too dry. It has not almost rained for two months. We must give water to the garden.

Andrea said...

That is some serious mud! And 4.50 for a mixed hay is really a great price. I would be paying an arm and a leg for any alfalf down here. We pay 4.00 a bale for plain old grass hay! I hope you dry out soon. And that is a neat stove.