Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Great Horsey Day!

My two beauties!

Misty and her dust bath!

This is where it starts to get good. Miss Kola was laying down with that somewhat familiar belly ache face this noon, so I went outside armed with my Probio and Banamine and hidden halter. She did get up and allowed me to halter her without chase. To me an indication that perhaps indeed she may have had a belly ache. So I gave her the Probio and Banamine and decided to take her for a walk, only silly me I didn't have the lead rope. So I said, "Come on, Kola, let's walk." and this horse followed me without a lead throughout the circle of the arena for thirty minutes. I even jogged at one point in which she joined me right by my side and a little behind me and never once stepped on me or bumped into me and after the jog I just stopped and she put on her brakes right beside me. Misty followed, but not as closely and meandered off to dust roll. I was so proud of this mare. Such a good girl! Side by side and not in my space. She's feeling better now.

Then after a quick shop with Stephen this afternoon, I had a hare up my butt. I'd been wishing a little ride all week, but earlier had injured myself at work Monday night, dork that I am. Sprained my left foot and right knee, but pushed myself through it all Tuesday and yesterday and now feel much better, so I said the hell with it, I'm getting a ride in and I did.

Just a little one on my redhead, but one none the less. My original intent was to take her out in the now harvested field, but the wind is strong and gusty and she was a bit spooky at some of the crap blowing around so we stayed in the arena. The best part is, I usually have Steve out there with me to hold one or the other, but this time I went out by myself. Misty has a tendency to step out as I mount. I went out there with such presence that a simple one "Whoa" after a shift when I got ready to mount and she did not move an inch! Next week, Kola first, then Misty, providing the weather is still cooperating. What a success for me!


Mrs Mom said...


Glad the silly girl is feeling better too.

I know how much you have been wanting to ride, and am so darn happy that you got to get up there!!!

Callie said...

Wow, Mrs Mom, It felt so great! It wasn't the ride so much as it was the behavior from both of them and me. Not that either one of them is bad or pushes me. I just had the energy to deal and the confidence. What the hell did I eat? Spinach or something?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad your girl is feeling better. Sounds like you had the whole day under control. It's such a great feeling when it all goes right and they behave.

Callie said...

Thanks, Arlene, It was a tremendous confidence builder and that lack of confidence is the only thing that ever holds me back. And you know, you've written about it before.

Andrea said...

Hooray!! Way to go!! I get those hairs too!! LOL!! Sounds like a great ride.

How scary about your girl feeling sick. She was so good to just walk by you!!

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

It's nice when things go right !
I think the donkey looks clean because his field is not muddy. Here the ground is made with clay and so there is not much dust. As it rains rarely, it's not very difficult for an animal to keep clean.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Woot!! Woot!! Awesome day with your horses, Callie!

I'm so happy for you, my friend :)
I'm sorry you got a few owies earlier this week, but glad you were feeling well enough to fit in a ride today. That's AWESOME!!

I think it's awesome that you like to 'play' with your horse, too.
Sometimes I will run with Baby Doll and she stays right beside me, too.
I also will play peek-a-boo and hide behind bushes and trees, and she comes to find me. It's so much fun...and it makes me giggle like a little girl again.
I believe that Baby Doll enjoys it too, because she seems to look forward to our games together now.

I hope you will find even more time to play with, and ride your horses before winter kicks in....and then we're to frozen to move fast...except to run back inside the house to get warm lol!


Victoria Cummings said...

It's days like this that remind you of why you have these girls, isn't it? I know what an accomplishment it is to just get on the horse, especially with your schedule and work. The following around thing is really fun to - There's a woman named Stina who comments on Carolyn Resnick's blog who has made these beautiful videos (on You Tube) of training some rescued horses "at liberty". I'll try to find a link for you - they're really inspiring to watch. Good that you caught Kola's distress and helped her in time. This weather is a season for colic.

Victoria Cummings said...

Callie - I can't figure out how to send Stina's video to her, but it's called "Liberty Training-Meet one of my wonderful mares" and it's stinahumana. Hope you can pull it up on You Tube. The end is my favorite part.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Callie, there is nothing better than having a good, productive day with the horses!

Those are goodlooking horses, by the way!

Jean said...

Glad to hear the colic episode was not too serious. Always a scare. How sweet of her to follow you like that.

Three cheers for the ride. Best way to make a good day better!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a great day, good for you!