Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Happenings

Isn't he cute? Where I hadn't seen a salamander since I was a kid, Stephen and I have seen many this year and this one Steve caught and brought into the house to show me. To think I used to catch these things all the time and put them in my Mom's wash tub!

Whereas Kola's tail is finally growing back from the goats snacking on it last winter and spring.....

Misty's is now disappearing. Looks like a cheap bad haircut! Even worse this afternoon!

And this is for Victoria, I said I'd show the collection of dolls.......My homage to New Orleans and all she stands for.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your Mardi Gras Voo Doo shelves are filled with some very interesting and colorful items. What fun you've had collecting them, eh?

I'm amazed that the goats do that much damage to horse tails. Wow!
Our goats are in separate quarters from our horse, so they've never been given the chance to chew. But I wonder if they would. I don't think I'll take a chance now! lol!

Kola looks wonderful, though. And I was smiling HUGE seeing that you like to braid her mane like I enjoy braiding my own painted girl's mane, too.


Callie said...

Lisa, There's a meaning to them, the skull doll, looks kind of like a pimp is actually an ancestery doll, gives you the ability to connect with your ancesters, The Gator doll is for protection, the little fuzzyheaded one is my daughter's for protection and good health. There's a good "juju" doll up top for good vibes and a few spirit dolls for various meanings.The goats are seperated, they just reach though the fence and the girls think they are being groomed and away they chew!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great collection of dolls and I like the interesting thing each one represents.
Those goats, glad we don't have any chewers like that, but it's good to see the hair is growing back.
I'm still thinking about the ghost it forward, but I'm so busy right now, I promise to get to it soon.Didn't want you to think I forgot.

Callie said...

No Problem, Arlene, take your time. Sometimes we have life rather than blog to deal with. Totally understood!

Jean said...

We have a road here the township closes every year so the spotted salamanders can migrate into the vernal pools in the forest on the other side. People go out with flashlights to see the little critters and the newspapers cover the event.

Don't know who chewed off Chance's tail before I got him, but it is taking forever to grow to "horse length."

Victoria Cummings said...

Callie - Those dolls are great - thanks for the explanation about them. I'll shoot some photos of the voodoo flags and post about them in a few days. New Orleans is such an amazing place and I'm fascinated by the voodoo rituals and art.