Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are Men Good Patients ?

hhhmmm well listen to this and you decide

Friday Callie works 12hr night shift so sleeps during the day.

Stephen feeling much better no cast and boot allows for weight bearing goody goody

Dogs decide lunch time need a walk , OK go to door open door and Mina and Fido go out while I am holding Jack ( I now call him Bam Bam ( Flintstones ) after the last video with the gate ) but Spot moves back to the kitchen door sits himself down to tell me if your not going I am not.

OK feeling confident put Jack on Lead and venture out onto the stairs Spot of course joins us and all going well until Spot joins others in the yard and they all start barking , Now Jack "who I thought I had control" over suddenly decides he needs to get down as fast as he can and pulls me off balance silly me there was a good foot I could have used to gain balance or gammy foot GUESS which one my body decided to use? OUCH OUCH ,.

OK get to the bottom of the stairs no more incedents but due to dogs believing in routine all dogs expecting me to walk round the yard ( normally expect 2 times at least round ) so all sitting there expectantly . OK let Jack off lead and start the short walk round  ( now normally is an easy gemtle stroll reminding Spot to do what he supposed to the words "Spot Poo Poo" helps if said 5 or 6 times to remind him why he is out there because god help me if it's a little windy as leef chasing much more important than pooing or on a full moon shadowing more important than pooing .

What normally takes few minutes seems like forever to walk round once, by now understand the doctor telling me let pain be my guide means something "lots of pain but still have to get up steep stairs with Jack", by the time we enter front door I am doing hop scotch ankle has become gigantic .

Get them all indoors and take pain killers and lay down thinking what a dumm ars? I am.

But being a bloke this morning pain had warn off so forgot pain from last time and repeated again

So are men good patients , I think even I would have to say NO



Jean said...

No, but you are typical. It is far too common to overdo when you are used to being active. Your brain and your body are out of sync. There are things you SHOULD be able to do comfortably that you just CANNOT do now.

Doctors who tell you "let pain be your guide," are not always aware of just how much discomfort the normally active person will tolerate before giving in. Or, maybe your doctor is and really wants you to push yourself a bit.

Try to moderate, but the exercise is good, to some degree, for healing. I think you are already ahead of schedule in that boot.

Hey, maybe the pups are trying to tell you something about how much you should be doing?? *G*

John and Regina Zdravich said...

It is so obvious you are British when reading the posts that you write!!! That aside, DO NOT overdo it!!! If you end up in pain, with swelling, then that is too there a way to let the dogs be on their own a bit more so that you do not have to stress your injury so much?? Your recovery time will ultimately suffer.

Midlife Mom said...

Bad Stephen, bad Stephen! No more of being so active on that foot! Listen to Dr. Midlife Mom and take it easy! :o)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Men are the worst patients in the world! Hope you didn't hurt your foot too much and wind up relapsing and going back to square one.